Walking Desteni process unhinged

in #change3 years ago

I forgive myself that I have not accepted and allowed myself to walk my process with Desteni as full sharing, as uncovered sharing, as unbridled sharing, unhinged sharing - so as to be as open as possible, as necessary, minus legitimate concerns/issues surrounding Desteni from a business point of view, because I see the vital necessity to be as open and willing as possible about this group, the website, the change, the tools, because it’s what I see as the most vital thing that humanity, that we all require, for ourselves and other forms of life and just everyone and everything to benefit, to not have one live a shit life with drawbacks at all, that is simply unfair and not needed - we as a human are capable of so much more and I want to bring this to the absolute forefront and push this message far and beyond to reach the greatest depths of everyone, of the world, to each corner of the globe - this is how vital I see this message and change and I stand behind this group of Desteni 100% because I’ve seen what it entails and my own change to be a better person generally in every aspect as to love and respect all life equally.

I commit myself to share here, share there, comment here/there, whatever it is, because it all has the potential to go here, there and far beyond, and so it’s simply a matter of ACTING, even if a short message/share, the point is I am creating and acting on it and making it happen/exist and be and that is the most vital step and action to do and take, putting it out there into the world for ears, eyes and other senses to take notice of so as to spread this necessary message of change starting with each and every one of us on Earth - until it is DONE.

I commit myself to continue PRESENTING opportunities for others to see, hear and understand this message and the change we as life need.




Cool share, Anthony! Yes, EXPOSING ourselves and the world-system is one way we have of catalyzing change here. Thanks for sharing.

Exactly Tyler! In the past I've really shied away, based on my own judgments of Desteni and the material, judging it as crazy, too 'out there', too bizarre etc, but I mean, sure, in a way it IS all of these things lol, but it is what it is because it is different, because it's not the same old life and things we're used to - if it were NOT crazy, then it'd just be the same old shit lol. And I really want to push this. I may have many years left, but gotta make each moment count while I'm here, for myself, for others, for all, and I much more enjoy being able to push myself and this point, as openness etc, as opposed to being neither here nor there and more 'inbetween' because again, judgments of Desteni etc and also fears of what others think, which is just my own fears/judgments still, always comes back to me.

But I really respect and admire those who are really pushing the message here, there and everywhere and absolutely want to do this as much as I can also.

Thanks for your comment too Tyler :)