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Challenges in applying Self Change:

I believe you have understood your purpose of life and list of areas where happiness is added into your brain. People who are reading my article for the first time are requested to go through my previous article to understand the flow.

The list of 6 different Challenges that I have faced in my day to day life to bring the self change happen in reality are as follows,

  1. Consistency
  2. Accountability
  3. Passionate
  4. Greater Vision
  5. Applying Wisdom
  6. 360 Degree Perspective

*1. Consistency:

The way in which you hold your habits strongly and daily with determination. Thickness or viscosity of your routine actions that you do or follow with the help of your behaviour in daily basis.

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Example: I start my Exercise today & Suddenly, my level of interest drops tomorrow because of severe body pain as an excuse. Be determined to do it in daily basis and destroy your second choice called "Excuse" to accomplish the taken tasks.

*2. Accountability:

The fact or condition of being Responsible/Accountable for any activity or job or ACTION that you own. being accountable for your ACTIONS grows your attitude of solving Challenges.

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Example: A 5 year kid is asking his father, How a crow look like? The Father shows electric lamp post and explains his son in lighter note that, "The one which is black in color standing on the electric lamp post is called Crow". The Son is repeatedly asking his father more than 10 number of times. Now, here the father is taking more responsibility to choose his cultivated words to express again and again through proper happy emotions to his son.

*3. Passionate:

It's Strong and barely controllable emotion caused by strong feelings or beliefs.

Be Passionate about everything you do! Passion brings out the best of every individual. The time you become passionate about what you do, other virtues like patience, tolerance, happiness will automatically follow!

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Example: If you are passionate about the city that you live in, you will do something for its betterment,
If you are passionate about gardening, you will start planting more trees,
If you are passionate about having a kid, you will do equip yourself for good parenting,
If you are passionate about reading, you will start reading a lot to enrich your knowledge,

The most best part is, if you are passionate, you don’t need any extra efforts to do it. Your mind & Body will synchronise each other and helps you doing it. You will find extraordinary strength to face any challenges that comes your way and you will be surprised of your own capabilities.

*4. My Greater Vision:

The ability or an instance of having greater perception of your Vision.

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Example: When you focus on doing things which you love the most, activities which keeps you more stronger, information which you gather through educational videos, reading inspiring stories, innovation thoughts, invention and research which keeps your emotions happy and high. The greater vision will keeps you motivated to move forward in climbing the stairs from 1st to 2nd step.

*5. Applying Wisdom:

You read books, articles, blogs, news and lot of informations everyday. And, where do you really apply?

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Example: If you understand Plastics are not good to this planet then, you should stop using it.
If you understand Co2 emission is affecting the climate then, you should plant trees or avoid Co2 Emission.
If you understand breakfast is important then, you should not skip it.
If you understand consuming alcohol is bad for health then, you should stop it and help others stopping it.

Learning is important. Applying is more important.

*6. 360 Degree Life Perspective:

Life always have different perspective as follows,

1. IT Guy - Life is your application, Write your own code
2. Writer - Life is your Book, Write your own history.
3. Stage Speaker/Trainer - Life is your session, Take control of the entire hours that you deliver and give your best session.
4. Social Worker - Life is your own map with your own territory, Make it larger with larger with joy & happiness before you die.

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Let me help you understand better with a single question, Have you ever asked a blind, How do the elephant look alike?

Answer may be, Elephant is thin, lean, sharper, round in shape or anything which comes to his/her mind based on level of thoughts. Whereas, you see different perception out there. It's all about standing on others shoes to understand the situation which is mostly different than you imagine.

Hope you are ready to go and experience your challenges now. Start practicing all above given six(6) challenges in your life.

Enjoy mastering your self change which creates compassionate love & health in this universe. Keep going. Enjoy Life. Happy living. Love you all.!

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