June 30 Days Writing Challenge - Life Hacks - Day Twelve: Never Go Shopping for Groceries On an Empty Stomach

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Yesterday I shared with you, in the #challenge30days, a post about my productive use of the smartphone camera which I am using all the time as a note app and a way of "memorize" important information. Today I will drag your attention to a grocery shopping hack that I use for years helping me in spending less money on food I would probably stuck in the fridge for days or weeks.

I discovered the fact that I was going to the supermarket at the wrong time when I was in college. Being a student you can't afford to spend too much money on nothing, but you can live on an empty stomach either. The empty stomach was actually the root of useless spending on groceries. Every time I would go to the supermarket on an empty stomach I would buy more food that I would need, too much sweets and other types of food that only my eyes "would eat".

The hunger sensation was always amplifying my needs in terms of food supplies thus making me spend much more money than needed. I discovered though that when the idea of going shopping at the supermarket came after eating I was less attracted to put in the shopping cart stuff I would regret buying later and come back home with the "right bags".


I could even make a list before actually leaving the house or even on the road to the shopping center and stick to it. A thing that wouldn't happen when going on an empty stomach with a pair of hungry eyes. In these past times it seemed that all the packing colors were more attractive and too inviting to fill the shopping cart.

Now you might ask what if there's nothing in the fridge left to feed myself before going shopping for groceries? There is always something in the fridge or some leftovers and even if your fridge is really really empty grab something on the road. A hot dog might make a difference in your wallet when you enter "relaxed" in the grocery store and your budget will thank you when you get home with what you "really need" to stack in the fridge.

Next time your making your shopping list and plan to go to the supermarket try and eat something before you leave the house and, if possible, avoid stopping by after a workday. You'll see the difference, especially at the sweets section. At least I did...

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