7 Day Dairy-free Challenge on World Plant Milk Day

in challenge •  3 months ago

Hello friends!

22nd August is celebrated as World Plant Milk Day. Like many other days, I wonder why do we need a day to highlight such a common sense issue. But unfortunately, the violent and cruel dairy industry is on a constant boom on this planet.

Why do we need to source our nutritional requirements from any animal source when we can get it all from plants and vegetation? Many people in my country are ethical vegetarians. But this term "ethical vegetarian" sounds self-contradictory lest it excludes all animal products. But sadly, animal milk and dairy is considered as vegetarian in India though we clearly know that dairy doesn't grow from soil. It's a no-brainer that animal milk is derived from animals.

If you are planning to make a switch, what better day to start it with a 7 day dairy-free challenge on the World Plant Milk Day?

This 7 Day Dairy-free Challenge is being hosted by ProVeg. There are several dairy-free delicious recipes . It's also easy to prepare fresh plant-based milk at your home to use it for several dishes. You can also learn to prepare dairy-free Indian dishes from @chetanpadliya's Youtube channel

Do give it a try and I assure you that you will never regret quitting dairy.

Cheers to the good beginnings!

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