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Here is my entry for the initiative LEARN & EARN, hosted by @matkodurko


Let's look at some of the things I've learned over the last week:

MondayXin Xiaomeng will be the first female Artificial Intelligence newscaster in the world. The announcement was made by the State National Chinese TV channel Xinhua.
TuesdayA $1.500.000 jackpot, the second-largest lottery prize in US history, has not been claimed, four months after the winning ticket was drawn.3300.jpgImage Source
WednesdaySuicide tips for children were found - hidden in videos - on YouTube and YouTube Kids! 😵😨😱google-is-evil-300x270-1314103412.jpgImage Source
ThursdayGoing from bad to worse, I found out that Glyphosate - a broad-spectrum systemic herbicide - is responsible for infecting over 50% of the population with a cancerous substance. On the last studies conducted in Portugal, the rate of contamination reached 100%! 😷😬😤glyphosate-lherbicide-leutilise-monde_0_1399_933.jpgImage Source
FridayMercedes was sued after selling plastic instead of leather.59518e8ea6f845fc3302ea96e9165a5e-783x450.jpgImage Source
SaturdayThe National Socialist Movement, a Neo-Nazi group has a new leader - a black man who vows to dissolve it. Black activist James Hart Stern says he will work to undermine the group he now leads.ms4m414o_james-hart-stern-facebook_625x300_02_March_19.jpgImage Source

If you want to join this challenge created by @matkodurko, please follow this link: LEARN & EARN - Week #15


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That herbicide rate is huge OMG i live in the country that might be here too...
Plastic can be cleaned very well and maybe the car is cheaper that way 😉


The problem is not the material or its cost. It's lying to customers that got them into trouble.

I didn't realise the whole population of a country could end up being infected by these pesticides. I hope the EU acts on this and bans the stupid thing.

Thanks for your comment.


I hope they put it high on the agenda, but there is so much to deal with

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Lol I didn't know there was a lottery winner that hadn't collected. I bet he was waiting for a large pot again. It's up to 385 million right now.


Só agora é que sabes isso? Isso já não é noticia xD eu ainda aprendi na universidade a utilizar isso como herbicida, e se as ovelhas fossem comer depois supostamente nao havia problema, é uma vergonha... E o pior que tu nao sabes, a india e china ainda tinham reservas gigantes dessa substancia, achas que eles as deitaram fora? Era o deitavam, ainda as utilizam e dps mandam a fruta, legumes e carnes para cá congeladas, mesmo bom né, um bocadinho de cancro nunca fez mal a ngm... Este mundo é uma vergonha!

Ive played the lotto a few times where I never even checked the winning numbers because I just forgot. Hahaha also....i wonder how that guy got to lead the party in the first place.

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I had heard about a lot of this but not all of it. Crazy all the news you can miss in a week.

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You have some terrible news.
Do you use a lot of pesticides in Portugal?


We use more than we should.

It's a general problem, Portugal is no better or worse than the rest of the EU.

It's crazy what glyphosate is doing over there, I hope it doesn't get more worse... Something has to be done before it gets out of hand, well, it already is

It's sad about the kids, really. Isn't youtube supposed to cross check what goes up on youtube kids? Huh! Maybe it was hidden so well that they didn't support it. We do need to protect these little ones...

And that AI newscaster? I will love to hear her cast the news, really. Well, just that i don't understand Chinese....

You just reminded to sit and compile mine, hopefully, before the week runs out...

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Something has to be done before it gets out of hand, well, it already it..It's.

I really hope the EU bans this stuff.

I see you ran into an English doubt. The expression you were looking for is: "it already is." No need to repeat the "it." 😉

Isn't youtube supposed to cross check what goes up on youtube kids? Huh! Maybe it was hidden so well that they didn't support it.

Yes, it was a short sequence of 5 seconds in the middle of a cartoon. Weird stuff. I opted not to post the video here but you can easily find it.

And that AI newscaster? I will love to hear her cast the news, really. Well, just that i don't understand Chinese...

I wonder how it works. Is a computer program scanning the news and feeding her text? Weird stuff!!! 😵

Thanks for your visit!


Oh, sure! Thanks for pointing that out, I will go fix it!

Crazy stuff about the kids, well, not the good type of crazy. Not sure i wanna watch it...

Lol! Trust Chinese with the weirdest stuff. It seems like a few people might be losing their jobs though.... Oh well, I doubt the AI could be totally dependable though, maybe she could be in the company of another caster when presenting?

My pleasure! I am glad i did stop by, learned a lot from you...

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OMG! a lot o alaming news this time. Never knew the use of herbicide was that much!


Neither did I. 😱

So he "outsmarted" the group and became their leader. And now openly claiming he will dissolve the group..not very "smart". Or maybe the group is full of dumasses so it doesnt really matter


It's a white supremacist group. Of course it's full of dumbasses! 😂