Guessing Game: Ten facts about me and one lie

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I think #6 is a lie. How do you know if the song was written about you since you don't speak French?

Haha @traciyork. They all sound more than reasonable to me. Lol. So, I'll have to take a shot in the dark at number 7. Doctors should know better about double eye-lashes. :)

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I will say that number 2 is a lie.

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I want #7! And #2 is a lie??

Hmm, I'll guess number 7 is a lie? Hehe, I gotta try this as well!

You should definitely give it a go, @trendo!


I'm gonna say 8 is the lie.

After thinking for a while I'm still between number 2 and number 5 but I will go with number TWO!!!! Let's see ;) Liar liar :P :*

LOL,@meanmommy33! For that, you get two gifs -




ahahahaha thanks xD LOL

You're welcome, @meanmommy33 - oh, and I meant to say, I didn't tag you to do your own "Facts & Lie", because I know you already have SO much on your plate. That being said, it would be wicked cool if you did one too... LOL! 😊

I was actually thinking about it (but guessed that you didn’t tag me ‘cause I would probably make yet another freaking out posy if you did bahahaha!!!)

LOL! No, more because I didn't want to be that final straw that broke your blogging brain...


The lie is obviously number 9. I do know her, and she has never mentioned you.

🤔I'm gonna go with no 3... This is an awesome idea by the way and I can't wait to find out which one it is.



And, thanks! Oh, and please shout out if you decide to do your own - I think it would be fun if a bunch of people did this. 😊

Hahaha i will go for 9, Guessing is never my thing but i like this game.

My guess would be number 11..

This is a really cool idea!! When it's over, I need to know what the hell double eyelashes are :) but I'm going with #8.

No worries, @lynncoyle1 - when I announce the winner next week, I'll also include little explanations of each tidbit.


hmmmm.... I am going to go with 9

@traciyork - this is a great post! I searched all through your so called facts & I've determined (with the assistance of the the Maury Povich Show!) that #11 is a LIE!


ahahha! This is amazing! I just found this via @meanmommy33

Going to do a post about this RIGHT NOW!!

Oops, and I guess #8 is a lie. I don't know you at all, but just from reading this post, I think you must have a very interesting life, and the other facts could very well be true!

I Think number 7 is a lie. Really fun initiative 😊

My guess is, They're all true and the lie is that one of them is a lie!

LOL, @bluefinstudios! Exellent choice! 😊


This is a fun post! I'm going to go with number 3.

I think number 4 is a lie 😂

I think it's 11 :) I'm pretty tempted to one of these posts too at some point hehe

YES! Please do, @redrica! I was hoping a bunch of people would jump in, and have wicked fun with it! Oh, and...


I saw your post in the #steemsugar server.
I think the lie number #7. Is it possible to have double eyelashes?

I call 8!

First I thought: that's too crazy to be true. So then it must be true. Now I believe you wanted to trick me :P

So I'll call 8.

(And actually hope it's 8 because that must be horrible if it's not a lie.)

Hmmm...I'm going to guess #7. This is such a cute idea, maybe I'll do one of my own! 😊

That would be awesome, @anarchojeweler! Please do, and use the tag so I can find it!


Youve had quite the life! Im going with #10! :)

Yep, a very interesting one indeed, @smylie2005!


I guess it's #6

Hahaha, yeah. I apologize I didn't notice the date as I'm busy reading your post. This is so fun.

No worries, @wondersofnature! Just wanted to make sure you knew. And it was wicked fun - you should give it a go yourself! 😊

I don't know you at all but my guess is #11 is a Lie but I don't know Why!