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Are you ready steemians?

In case you don't know, @arbitrarykitten almost jut died recently and was in a terrible accident. While she may have escaped with her life, her beloved "CryptoJeep" did not make it out alive. For those of you who don't follow @arbitrarykitten, she is an amazing woman out in Seattle, WA that has been an active steemian since June of last year. Five months ago she asked to interview me and she certainly went deep. I'd recommend checking out that interview if you have not already read it.

Not all that long ago, @arbitrarykitten was able to get this wonderful jeep, appropriately named "CryptoJeep." Despite the fact that she has always lived within her means and therefore has no credit score, @arbitrarykitten was able to get this jeep, thanks to some help from steemit. She shares about how she was able to get this jeep in her post titled How to Buy a Car with STEEM, Bitcoin, or any Crypto!, which is an interesting read.


Then, on February 22, 2018, @arbitrarykitten and her CryptoJeep were in a tragic accident. Thankfully, she escaped with her life. Her jeep was totaled though, and she is now sorting through the aftermath and trying to heal. At the moment though, she is without a vehicle and is in a desperate situation.

Thankfully, the dealership will let @arbitrarykitten replace her vehicle as soon as the insurance check is received and she has $5000 for the downpayment. It is from this position that she recently reached out to @mama-pepper and me. Though we still have not built a house for our family on our land, we are still in a position to help, so we have decided to challenge the generosity of the steemit community. Since @arbitrarykitten has about $1000 USD already, I am going to attempt to help raise the lacking $4000 and demonstrate the power of the steemit community and platform.


I am officially challenging the steemit community to a duel. I am prepared to match every donation that you guys can give, up to a total USD value of $2000. I will personally match every SBD and STEEM donation to the wallet of @arbitrarykitten up to a total USD value of $2000. If the community is able to donate $2000, then we should be able to bless @arbitrarykitten with $4000 to allow her to get a new CryptoJeep. Note, I will be using bittrex values to match, since I have more STEEM on hand than SBD, but donations can be made in either currency and I'll match the USD value.

As a token of good faith, I have already sent 500 STEEM (currently valued at almost $3.50 USD each on bittrex right now) over to the wallet of @arbitrarykitten. While I am not asking anyone to do anything that they are not personally comfortable with, I wanted to share this challenge and opportunity to bless another steemian with you. You can check some of her recent posts for more of this horrific story. Click here to see the beginning.

So, I wonder who will win this duel. Will the combined effort of the community be able to outgive @papa-pepper? If you can donate the equivalent of $2001 USD, then you win (and so does @arbitrarykitten). However, if I still have more that I am willing to donate than the steemit community does, then I win. (I think that we should all be able to win in the end, but just for some friendly competition, let's see how this goes!)

Any resteems to gain visibility in the coming days would be appreciated. Upvotes not necessary.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

Don’t waste your time online, invest it with

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Headed to make a transfer now! God bless you, @arbitrarykitten. :)


Thank you @rigaronib!


You bet! It's our duty as humans to look out for each other in time of need. :)

btw, I shot you a message in chat


a good post will get a perfect vote, a good transfer

I am humbled and awed by the amazing outpouring of support from my beloved Steemit community. You guys are so full of generosity and heart, I'm grateful every day that I'm a part of such a wonderful community.

Thank you @papa-pepper for undertaking this challenge. Such a great idea, and perfectly in line with the community spirit found on only one platform on the web-

Thank you again, everyone. You have touched my heart and even further sealed my belief (if that's even possible) that despite the anonymity and disconnection in this age of technology, a true village, a real community of like-minded and compassionate people can come together online and form something real and something good, which I see as someday benefiting the entire world.

Thank you. Be safe my friends, and be blessed <3

Challenge ACCEPTED! I don't have much but I transferred 2.5 SBD to @arbitrarykitten! I love the Steemit support system - what a great platform!


Nice! Thanks for pitching in. Every bit helps!

Im sorry for loss... I dont have much but my little might do alot... I love the support of this amazing family of steemit


Thank man, we can always count on you!

Challenge accepted, thanks for doing this @papa-pepper!


You always get in on this stuff! Thanks @dougkarr!


It's one of the best things about Steemit. And you're so good about making it happen! Thank you!

15 SBD on their way :)

Half my accumulations, but I use SBD and Steem as an emergency fund... only right it goes to someone in an emergency ☺


I've still got several weeks before my luxury steem purchase I got planned... The 2018 rounds, so I can make some more.


Really? Gonna get some of the 2018 STEEM Rounds? So cool! Did you get any of the 2017 edition?


Yup, got my hands on one of those :)

What a challenge!
@papa-pepper is at it again with his act of generosity. Your love towards humanity is so great. I respect you and wish to be like you.
I love your concept of being magnanimous.
Let's help today and for sure we will be helped tomorrow
And thanks for upvoting my comment on @lizbethk post
You are a man of virtue, a man I love as well

I conformed, it's a challenge worth taking up no matter how little one may afford. Humanity will never forget you @papa-pepper. God bless you big and @arbitrarykitten, Better days are coming and you'll surely get one better than the previous.
I love steemit
@papa-pepper is kindhearted

I got 5 on it!! Challenge accepted @papa-pepper.
God Bless


Thanks so much!

Challenge accepted


Way to go!

This is a great idea! I will be sending @arbitrarykitten 2 SBD right after this comment. Also, if you don’t have a house on your land, where are you living??


Nearby in a friends place.

We are talking CryptoJeep 2.0, are we not?

Trust me, I'm a doctor.



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Accepted!!!! Transfer 5.000 SBD toarbitrarykitten papa-pepper challenge for a new jeep!

Amazing post.
I appreciate your content.thanks for sharing this post..

I don't have more than 0.3 SBD currently, I know that would do nothing but I'll share a post for @arbitrarykitten and send all SBD earned on the post to her.

Steemit is a one family community. We are meant to be there for each other

I don't currently have any steem/sbd on hand but within a week I will have some available also I will do my best to promote some posts for her I have already resteemed one of her recent articles I know she works really hard on her posts and deserves our support, Thanks for stepping up everyone!

really creative sir..

hhmm.. I saw her jepp, that was worried..

creative thinking...
great work done you...
keep it up..

Nice post thanks for sharing..

Wow! This is amazing. That is the power of this platform. God bless your heart, Papa.


Thank you! It does demonstrate the power of this platform.


Absolutely sir.

Hummmmm Lovely post sir you really great helping people lovely to have you here sir God bless you sir

sounds like a worthy effort, I myself only have 100 STEEM however I would like the cent for my upvote on this post to be contributed if possible.



Enjoyed the post you such a great man always see you as a model

It's scary. I am very afraid of losing my life

Buen post amigo me gusto,cuenta con mi voto, saludos

a very tragic accident, hopefully heal your friends and still be able to rise again and finish your work successfully.

very good publication excellent content friend I like, I hope you can visit my blog maybe you like something friend, good night.

@papa-pepper, what an incredibly generous gesture for an incredible woman. She just got a 5 SBD donation from me, check her wallet.


Deal! I'll match it!


You are the best!! I did send 5 Steem today :)


No. Thank you for your awesomeness!!!

I am very concerned about the state of @arbitrarykitten, hopefully she recover quickly from trauma and despair and you are very generous @papa-pepper still pay attention to your friends who are stricken disaster, at this time I have not been able to donate because I still belong to small fish but I still give appreciation and salute to you. I resteem this post.


Thank you for your resteem!

Goodjob papa,,,
i do as best i can and best ,,, :)
So sorry if it's disappointing you,,,
Im so care about this,,, im so apreciated,,,


You are not disappointing me, it is just a bad situation for a friend. Thank you for caring about others too!


Yes papa,,, you are very understanding,,,

I'm indeed sorry @arbitrarykitten I pray the mighty Lord bring you quick recovery.

@papa-pepper I hope no amount is too small?


No amount is too small, because it all adds up and together we can do it!

This is exactly why I love being part of this community. It's amazing how people can come together. Transfer of 5sbd done.


Wow! Thank you!

This is big! I hope she can get to the goal! <3 I will give some as soon as I get my rewards, its gonna be difficult cause Im also saving up for health problems, but everything is possible! Cheers @arbitrarykitten !!


Agreed! Anything is possible. I have to save too!

Sent 3 SBD her way. :)
Thanks for taking the initiative of helping a fellow human in need, @papa-pepper!



the motor itself crashed and crushed windscreen and its mask. and thank you I am not injured.
and waow transfer is amazing when ya ya get it.FB_IMG_1520314340530_1.jpg

this yellow dump truck is not fun for the driver, at the time of entering the destination about 100 m of car duns plunge into the river, and must be lifted using local car kren pln.
and wow @ papa-pepper share SBD is very nice, and when ya me @ alfan13 as a beginner get hail that big, 1 year, 2 years or kaoan yes. send regards for success.

Beautiful work and selfless gesture boss very well done. I challenged haejin to match your donation and everyone else to restore peace and order lets hold thumbs that happens..



Interesting, that would be wonderful! Good idea!


I really hope that he reads it and accepts it, time shall tell.. Cheer$;)

all i can give is a vote.jpeg i hope your cryptocapitalists are generous ...

Saw this on @craigcryptoking's post. #teamgood


Had to leave myself 20 'cause I have a contest running. :P


Thanks for helping out! Be blessed!

I don't have a lot, but have sent over 5 sbd


What a fantastic way to help! It's awesome to see people pull together like this.

(btw, what does gap insurance cost?)

Transferred 5Steem just then.

A kind and wonderful way that you are blessing her. May you too be blessed!

Thank you for this generous act of kindness papa. I will join @mariannewest and the #freewrite team, plus all these generous Steemians in getting a new CryptoJeep back on the road again.

God bless you @papa-pepper for helping. I have been following her horrific ordeal and @arbitrarykitten continues to be in my prayers. I am in and will do what I can.


Thank you!

Thank you for this challenge @papa-pepper, it is always a good thing when we can help lift each other up in difficult circumstances. You have a big heart and I like what you are doing for @arbitrarykitten - it is really awesome. I don't have much but I believe every single dime goes a long way, so I sent her 3 SBD. Keep up your great work here on steemit - Wishing you all the best :)


Thank you for that!

I've sent some STEEM too, it's unfortunate that its price went down after your contest started. @arbitrarykitten hope you buy your new car soon. @papa-pepper thanks for this challenge.

It's both sad funny at the same time. How we (humans) talk big and say we are generous, but when the time comes, even I did't spare the money I thought I would.

Challenge accepted. I love @arbitrarykitten and hope to meet her some day. I just learnt about her accident today. I just sent her $5 SBD.

Wow, papa your the best very very nice of you to help her out like this. I can't understand how your not ranked number one on steemit, way to go pappa keep up all of your hard work your doing for the community. @papa-pepper for witness.

Glad I saw this in time -- 2 hours to spare, lol. It's not much, but it's what I have that's unobligated right now. Thanks for running your challenge!

Somehow I missed @arbitrarykitten's horrific story; I just read all the 'parts' on her post after being notified to it on @steemitbloggers by @jaynie.

This is such a kind and thoughtful thing to do, and I'm wondering if you collected what you needed?

Thank you!


Just about to post the final part of the challenge. Still about $1000 short. Whatever is lacking tomorrow will be made up by me.

When can I get SBD mail from Prof Papa_pepper? ha ha