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in challenge •  2 years ago 

Hello readers! 2 days ago I posted a puzzle:

Spoiler alert!

It's actually quite easy. The first two rows have very good hints!

Let's look at the first row.

+ =

When combining the first two images together, you get the third image. If two circles of the same color in the same position overlap, the resulting image becomes the opposite color (white circles).

Similarly, the second row also shows the same rule in effect.

+ =

The left white circle in the first image + the left white circle in the second image, results in the opposite color (Green) in the exact left position. We can also conclude that if two different colored circles overlap, (i.e. a White circle + a Green Circle) it becomes nothing because they aren't the same color.

And now you know the answer :)

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thank you for the answer. it took me two times reading your answer to understand the rule and the anwer. i have a pentium one up on my head. LOL

ahhh glad you enjoyed it :)

i do enjoy it. . i would very fun and left me in curious if i had not read you answer post. . 😃😃

lol if you enjoy i can post more IQ puzzles like this if you want :)

I always suck at puzzle no matter how easy it is

it's actually an IQ puzzle, it took me like 5 minutes to figure it out,
so if you focus, you can solve it too :)

If it's an iQ puzzle then its even worse than other puzzle games i ever encountered in my life lol

Fun one! I followed :)

thanks! i followed you back