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Hey friends,

I'm not sure why, but I got up with a burning desire to challenge everybody that crosses my path today.

I might get in trouble for that you know; I hope not...

I want to challenge anybody about anything.

Some people might even think I'm getting crazy. Who cares...

As you know, a challenge makes us very uncomfortable, and this sensation can turn into something irresistible.

It's like a necessary evil in our lives (Let me explain)

When we overcome any challenge in life, we definitely grow.

We grow in different ways, and this growing feels awesome (no matter how big or small the challenge was)

Since you are reading this, you are not an exception, I have a challenge for you too!

I dare you to write 3 goals you have in life!

It doesn't matter what it is, just write down your 3 goals!

Then, I challenge you to take MASSIVE ACTION on 1 of those goals today!

When I say "MASSIVE ACTION" I mean to come up with a plan, step by step, until you see the end result on a specific time.

It could be a short or long term goal, but the action starts TODAY!

Get a laser focused attention and start acting like you already accomplished this goal.

Some people call this "faith"; I'm just telling you it works!

So, write your goals, take massive action, and act like you already achieved it!

See you around,

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P.S. This is the software I use to track my goals daily
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nice post, i like it thanks, @ahlawat

I'm glad you liked it. 😊

I think you should take this challenge first. Since you are already using some software for tracking your goals, either share your worksheet here or tell us about your most ambitious three goals 😉.

I have been tracking my goals for over 6 years...
My most ambitious goal is to live in a different country every 6 months.

Waow!!! And you are meeting your goals for all this while? Amazing!!! 💓

Well, I am not a very goal oriented person. But recently I made a commitment to write one post every day for a period of one month ...on my blog here. And I'm really struggling to do that. Currently trying to compose my today's post. Wish me luck!

Yes, some of them were short term and some long term.
Sometimes I struggle too to keep up with 1 post a day.
My tip: Put your written goals in a place you see them every day!

Wow, that is an awesome goal that you have :)

I know...LOL

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