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We are happy to announce some updates to the streemian.com platform.

Proper Pagination to decrease load time of pages

Through out mutliple places on the webpage, we have deployed porper pagination. This results in faster page loads and smaller scroll pages.

What will be added next is a small search field to help you find the items you are looking for easier.

Faster page loads through caching

At the backend we now cache some data-intensive pages which improves the loading time significantly!

Allow for autovoting of your own scheduled posts

Scheduled posts now have a field that allows you to autovote your own new posts.

Show the list Support votes

A few users have asked for more transparency when it comes to using your votes to promote our own content. Right next to the place where you can dedicate your support, we now show you which posts have been promoted with your help already.

Next milstons reached: 3 Mio. curation trail votes and more stats

We are happy to see that the curation trails have now crossed another milestone: 3MM votes have been caused by streemian's curation trail by now.

Guilds - now public

We are glad to announce our partnership with Steem's @curie guild and have been put some major efforts in developing and deploying a tool that helps the curie guild to curate Steem posts as to their rules and regulations. At this point, we would like to emphasis that the developed platform will be opened to other guilds soon after we succesfully finished the current public testing together with @curie. Once open to the public, it will be easy for other guilds to leverage the tools developed by streemian to improve efficiency of the guild.

Unlock page with more options

Yet another update simplifies the onboarding of new users. We would like to give our users the option as to what tool to use to unlock their accounts so Streemian can be used to it's full power.

We hope to also win Steemit's support eventually to simplify onboarding even further.

About Streemian

Streemian is a product of ChainSquad GmbH and offers multiple services for Steemians. It offers a set of free-to-use services and premium services that can be paid for using Steem Backed Dollars (SBD).

ChainSquad Witness

If you like the services offered by ChainSquad GmbH, please consider approving our new witness: chainsquad.com

Thanks you!


GREAT NEWS! Congratulations on this milestone and good to read about the improvement on efficiency. Namaste :)

I am trying to open an account here on Streemian. My email address has been verified, and I've sent some steem in to verify my Steemit account. However, I'm unable to open my account. Could I get some help with this problem from someone please? Thank you.

I just registered right now, regards @chainsquad

I have already registered it but my Steemit account is not verifying. I mean there is no option for that. Please help @chainsquad .

done registration! Lets see how hoes it work, hooping it will work for me

Hmm.. Self-voted with customers' accounts? To be clear, my question is not an accusation. The tech used is quite advanced.

Hello @abit,
thanks for your comment!

We did indeed upvote the post with the voting power of streemians' users. In middle december we sent out an email to all of our users and also made a public announcement that we will eventually use their voting power to support our efforts. we have done everything in our hand to make it as easy to our users to opt-out and disagree with this voting. This is how it looks in the profile of our users:

By then, we have used this to support 5 (five) of chainsquad's posts according to our users settings.

We also recognize the alignment issue between those that use the service and those that pay for this kind of support. For this reason, we have decided to only add upvotes to our own posts if they are 100%-SP-payouts.
Ideally, we'd like to move over to declining payouts for these kind of posts, but we cannot currently afford it.

Let me repeat this again:
Dear Streemian Users: If you disagree with streemian using your voting power to rarely upvote and promote its own content, please remove your support in your profile settings.
Dear Steem investors, we are sorry for taking out a fraction of the reward pool using the voting power of our customers, but, at the current stage, we couldn't fund the servers (let alone development) to keep streemian running without your support!

-- Fabian

Thanks for the reply. Keep up the good work!

Thank you for building a fabulous platform for curation guilds. Eager to see other guilds form around it!

I just registered right now, wondering what I was invited for 😳 and will start exploring soon. I am very curious and hope I will like it.

Auto post doesn't work :(

Thanks for the report. I also got an error report by mail. I'll dig into it on monday when back in the office. Sorry foe the inconvenience

Thanks! no worries :)

Let me know if you got this to work just tried it again no go! thanks.

I took a closer look but couldn't find any cause quickly. Could you please write a mail to [email protected] and describe your post and let us know your steem account that you used to register on streemian.com? Then we can take a closer look and see where your post was stuck. Thanks you


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I Just Upvoted Your Post! No reason, just showing steemit Love. Have an epic day! :D

Nice post. I am new Steemit user.

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