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Dear Steem shareholders, Steemians, and Witnesses,

After spending most of last year with developing tools and libraries for Steem, I (@xeroc) have finally setup my company ChainSquad GmbH in Germany and am happy to also apply for a witness slot on STEEM.

Being part of @dantheman's endeavors throughout the last 3 years (even before official launch of BitShares), I have collected extensive knowledge of the technology and ran witnesses in BitShares 1.
The reasons for applying as witness for STEEM so late have been account keeping concerns (a necessary evil when running a GmbH) as well as my experiences made during the early days of Graphene when the software stack wasn't as stable as it is today.


Some of my (@xeroc) qualifications:

  • Developer of

    • python-graphene
    • python-btshares (unreleased)
    • python-steem
    • piston
    • count-less web and python tools for Steem and BitShares
    • stakemachine
  • Founder of

    • ChainSquad GmbH
    • BitShares Europe
    • BitShares Testnet

Consultant for

  • BitShares (also as member of the on-chain committee)
  • Steem
  • PeerPlays
  • Muse
  • Bunkerchain Labs Inc.
  • Cryptonomex Inc.

How to vote for this witness

  • Using the cli-wallet:

    vote_for_witness YOU true true

  • Using piston:

    piston approvewitness

  • Using (at the bottom)


The witness account is deployed on a dedicated server (not a VPS) built in a Netherlands data center. These specs can of course can scale with STEEM adoption as quickly as needed. It is maintained by @xeroc while the live and backup machines are operated by @riverhead.

We not only have been following good standard practices from the beginning but also greatly helped develop the standards to safely and reliably upgrade witness nodes on a live network.


Be sure follow updates from @chainsquad!

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🎉 Glad to see you run witness! Got first vote 👍


Thanks. Much appreciate it!

Voted ! Keep up the good work !

Your experience is astounding! I'm voting you!

You got my vote!

Best of luck to you on your endeavor.

i will have to free up some space for you my man!


Thanks for considering!


ok cleared up the spot and you are voted up!


You have my vote!

It's good to learn more about you. I already knew you were deeply involved with Bitshares but not much else.

My 30 votes are already taken. All things change so I'll see what I do in the future!


Thanks for the consideration!

sounds good ! on my way to vote now ! 😉👍


Thank you for the support!

I support you and wish you success in your work)))


I much appreciate your vote. Thanks you!

Super easy decision for me, just saw it today! (weird)
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing.
It's my honour to know you from the early days.


It's been an amazing time so far.
Thanks for the upvote!

You've got my vote for sure. Wow, your list is impressive.


Thanks a lot!

need support for about steemit


You've got my vote @xeroc you have done and continue to do great things for steem and bitshares.