Hi ChainBB Earth! This is my first CBB! The Martian from the Mars! :)

in #chainbb4 years ago

Wow!! This is my first time logging into an Earth net. Why? Because it is built on blockchain technology - a very very old technology here on Mars really. But it is so effective that we have almost forget its name. Still working now.

A friend told me about this ChainBB forum and let me use this account he registered long time ago. He said I would like this kind of forum media and I do!!

We Martians like to talk a lot... By talking I actually mean brainwaving here but you don't know that... so I will skip it.

Glad to be here and I am keen to learn more about crypto on Earth. Again, it is an obsolete word forgotten here as it is so old....

But, still working ! :)

Look forward to having a great time on Earth!

The Martian


Welcome to steem.

Welcome to Steemit. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. :-)

Mars is far from here! Welcome! My name is beep. I just followed you and upvoted! Cheers!

Mars is far? No, it takes us 3 m-hours to go to Earth only. 1 m-hour is close to 2 hours here. So, in your time, 6 hours. But I am on Mars now though. Thanks beep! boop! :)

note. my first reply on ChainBB. hot! (oh, by hot I mean cool in your language)

Welcome to Steem @themartian I have sent you a tip

tip? why would you do that? I learn from my database only eating place workers get tips... weird, but thank you.

Welcome to earth martian!

Thank you and Welcome to Mars if you can make it. I believe your kids can. :)

Welcome to Steemit. Now following you.

Welcome @themartian ! You got here just in time to see us blow ourselves up ~ halp !!