Problem: Can't Find Your Comment In A Sea Of Replies? Solution: Use Chainbb's "Inbox"

in chainbb •  last year

I've found myself commenting more and more lately on some of the big meta-discussions started by whales et al that address some of the existential problems facing steem. Some of these threads can have hundreds of replies. If you click on your "replies" tab on steemit, you may find that in amongst those hundreds of replies, someone has responded to one of your comments. Clicking on the link, in most cases, seems to take you to the OP. This is ok if there are only a few comments, as you can scroll down and find your comment highlighted. But in the giant threads, this can be a pain.

Solution: Use Chainbb. There's a feature here called "inbox", which is all the replies to your comments/posts. What's great about it is that it shows the full reply, and your comment that it was in response to. And you can reply directly there from within the inbox, without having to go to the actual full thread. But you can still do that, by clicking on the link "show original", and it will take you straight to the relevant post/comment/reply.

It's a great feature that allows you to carry on a conversation/debate with someone that is far better implemented than steemit's attempt.

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Glad you're finding it useful! I've really been enjoying the inbox for keeping up on people responding to me as well. Half the time when we're talking on the /f/steemdev thread that's where I'm at :)

I've done a few experiments with it and I'd be curious to know what you think. Would it be useful if they were collapsed, only showing the top bar (author/replying to/time/etc), and acted more like an email inbox? You'd then be able to click on any of those items to expand it into the interface we have today but also see more messages at once.

Part of me enjoys the feed style the inbox has now, but I'd also like to see more of it at once.


I think that could work too. I do like being able to immediately see what the reply is and what I said. I'm on the phone now, so can't remember if it shows the whole reply, or truncated part. I think a truncated part with a click to expand could be a good mix.


Thanks @revo for posting this, it seems the comments have been getting very buggy lately, sometimes I don't see them for days, and like you say when it jumps to the OP instead of the comment it can be frustrating.

I'm going to give it a go and give you some feedback @jesta, nice one! :-)



Look forward to hearing it!

It's one of those areas on the site that's evolving into something, I'm just not sure what yet :)

Cool. I will save this one and use it when/if I need to. Now if they would just get a "Search" on the Blog page, life would be even simpler.

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