chainBB beta update - sub-forums

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One of the struggles that I've had with chainBB recently is where to put all the forums that are being requested by the community. Up until today, I was conflicted between the notion of "adding new forums for users" and "trying to keep the forum index uncluttered". Some sort of solution was required, and after some chatting with a number of individuals, bringing over the concept of a sub-forum seemed like the best approach.

Today sub-forums are now live!

Sub-forums from the Forum Index

The concept of sub-forums is pretty simple, it's that a forum can have a parent forum to live within. Traditional forum software has used this concept for decades at this point and it seems to work pretty well.

Before today, I had an entire "group" of forums dedicated to Steem. All 6 of the forums were displayed on the homepage and that took up a lot of room. With sub-forums (as shown in the screenshot below), the additional sub-forums for Steem now take up MUCH less space and now Steem can live alongside all of the other crypto forums.

It worked so well that I decided to mirror the same setup for Peerplays!

Sub-forums when viewing a Forum

You can also access these sub-forums from the parent forum, as shown in the screenshot below. You would access this page by clicking "Peerplays" from the forum index on the homepage.

This allows easy access to all of the sub-forums for that specific board and allows for infinite nesting of forums within one another.

A forum for Bitshares & Peerplays

Both Bitshares and Peerplays have strong communities already here on Steem, but that doesn't mean it can't be even stronger. Being siblings in the Graphene family I felt it was fitting for it to live right alongside it's brethren.

With Peerplays launching soon I setup the same type of forums as Steem (to coordinate witnesses & developers, etc), and I need to do a bit more research on exactly what would work best for the Bitshares community.

That's it for now, just a small update to help organize things a bit more. My focus is very much on organizing the data and not adding a lot of frills yet. Building the strong foundation of chainBB's UX is going to be critical for adoption.

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Can we get a politics forum?

Any suggestions on how it would be organized or what tags it would use?

This is great @jesta! So cool to see it all being implemented one piece at a time. No stress, you're doing this lightning fast.

Only two things keep my from spending the majority of my time on ChainBB currently:

  • A trending tab - should be easy to code, but maybe harder to implement without messing up the style of the UI
  • The ability to sort comments by votes - which would be equally hard, but might be possible to do as a more isolate feature similar to the way there are links to steemit, busy, etc provided in the UI. Maybe just a separate page for this?

Thanks a lot for the update again! To infinity ... and beyond!

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Thanks! This is one of the things I love doing with projects, these micro-feature rollouts. It's how I feel a beta should be run, quickly adding new features and not being afraid to remove any of them that are terrible.

I started experimenting with how some of these more social media type features would work in chainBB. Nothing to show yet, but I'm on it.

As for sorting comments - I've added it to the roadmap :)

your work is beyond awesome @jesta...
... in not so distant future all Graphene ecosystem will get proper attention and you will be one of those who contributed greatly to that :-)

I'm hoping so, I really would like to see the entire graphene family succeed. They all need forums IMHO too ;)

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Don't spam the same message and please start writing with punctuation or I will not be the only one downvoting you.

ok thanks for your advice.I will surely work on it

Good to hear. I'm rooting for you to succeed. =)

Off the subject, but is it possible to follow someone directly from chainbb. I'm discovering lots of new posters and would like to follow them directly from chainbb.

So many great updates. Thanks!

Hey @jesta This really is a good update for the forum as a whole! Nice.

Can I suggest something here? As this forum platform is pretty much new; an option to add new sub forum title would be a welcome change in my opinion. And this will go in this way:

  1. Some one suggests a title.
  2. System checks the number of persons actually using something close to that as posts' tags.
  3. And lastly the title gets a green light after peer review.

I came with this idea just after realizing there is no Movie section here.


For sure! I have a draft written for a system that could accomplish this, I just haven't started coding it yet. I do really want to let the people who want to use chainBB decide what sections exist and how it's all organized.

Awesome. Keep up the good work. (y)

Nicely done @jesta, sub-forums setup looks really nice and functional too, which is more important :)

Awesome update and impressive speed. Can't wait for some of the sub-forums to be rolled out :)

Sub-forums are a great addition to chainbb, and I'm glad they're now a thing

@jesta, please i use my phone for chainbb and am having trouble on how to post here on the site as an advice from a friend.....can you help me out with some navigating tips please?

There should be a big green "New Post" button on the top of each forum as well as "Reply" buttons on every post. These should be visible on mobile (just checked). Are they not for you?

Not on mine, but i can post through forums now. Have posted twice via chainbb, thank you sire.

Thanks for sharing! A link to your post was included in wiki article about ChainBB. Thanks and good luck again!

You've now created the most comprehensive overview of chainBB yet! rofl.

Nice work, I'm going to have to look around at more of the stuff you guys have been working on.

Thank you very much! The wiki article was created by @seablue who also opened a topic in ChainBB asking users to help keep the page useful and updated. Thanks and good luck again!

Is this the better bitcointalk forum Theymos has been building for years now with few million dollars in funding? On a more serious note; The time of bitcointalk will be soon over, thanks to you!

Haha, I haven't seen the payment from him yet...

He probably can only make payments in lambos these days so you should ask for 1.5 LBG.

Now someone needs to build a Reddit on to Steem so we can get rid of him for good.

Function over form in my world. Excellent work on this project.

I love that Beer Lovers stayed in prominent position! Your post reminded me to use more often! I suggested others to use the forum as well in my latest post submitted through chainbb! This comment is also submitted through chainbb! it is a posting fest! Cheers!

I'm pretty new to steem and chainbb but I'm pretty excited in the directions these platforms are heading +1

That solves multiple problems by having the chance of using these sub-forums and keeping them live on your screen, nice job again!

Thanks for sharing, namaste :)

Wow, it's getting better and better everyday.
Do you guys get any sleep between coding? Impressive speed!

Currently by far outshining in developement speed and the site loads a lot faster than too.

Keep up the good work @jesta! :)

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

look how old that money is! Do u think they used real or "prop" money for old movies?

Oh i made sure to edit this comment using chainBB!
i REALLY REALLy love these subforums! its going to REALLy open up so much!

and soon anyone will be able to open a subforum right?

and eventually like reddit subreddits we canhave subforums that only shpw up on this list if they are the biggest ones!

reddit allows anyone to make a subreddit and sometimes they remain huden from view until someone links to them! ;o

i would love for steemit to have cool little hidden communities too!

I took it for a spin yesterday and found it a bit odd that everything shows up on steemit as well as on th forum.

Thanks a lot!
Such a great work

Thank you for your update

nice...your post deserve upvote and resteem...

That's really a good feature you've added there. Makes it ways easier to get to the topics someone wants to read or write about :)

I believe chainbb will be adopted, it's just a matte of time. We will all benefit by seeing the value before everyone else!

@jesta i followed you to get great content from you. I will definitly take time to listen and read more about sub-forum.

Awesome update! Keep it up! I know you're working really hard on ChainBB!

very nice

wow awesome for update @jesta

thanks for informasion,,,,,,,,

very nice!👍

YES SUBFORUMS YES THIS is perfect finally we are back to SUbreddits SUBsteemits! nbut bettr!

we should have a simple little box that shows us a tree of the flowchart of where we are looking inside chainBB,

I really like how we are going back to basics with chainBB! We should just expand the subforums untill there is a subforum for every SubReddit! we need One place for PHOTOS like reddits Pics, we Have a Cannasteem for r/trees and we have to keep consolidating big steemit categories into biig substeemits here on your chainBB!

We should learn from

and thank you for your service sir @jesta

Just in time as i'm busy trying to research on Bitshare.

It's great to see that subforums are now a thing. Great work @jest

Congratulations @jesta!
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This is great So cool to see it

Interesting project. ))))

Damn killing it with earnings

My man.

very nice job, i have to admit

Thanks alot for considering sub-forums it will now be far more user friendly and easy.. :) great work and always looking forward for the updates on chainbb..:)

Very informative and entertaining post by you @jesta Thanks man and i hope to see chainBB spread.

It shows how hard you worked on this forum thing.. You deserve appreciation..good luck friend

thx! I just joined the forums. :)

Interesting very good posting kisses greetings joha

Thank you very much to updating again...

muy buen post amigo interesante publicacion espero que pases por mi blog saludos @jesta

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Sub forums.. Good idea

Keep the good work with chainBB!
Just to let you know, we are continuing our power up rewarding series! Please give us a hand! Thank you!
Here is the post!

Almost late getting information. It become faster and faster.

Thank you for your sharing

Thanks for all you are accomplishing here.

Nice approach, but I think forums are somehow outmoded.

IMHO they're much easier to engage in conversation with people than threaded comments. I know many other people feel this way too. That's the great thing about Steem, is we can all use whatever platform we prefer the style of, and be a part of the same community :)

Yeah, it would be good to merge the two things, allowing everybody to choose! Maybe via API standardization.

Thanks for the update! ;)

I am finding many new post and new authors by being on this chain. Is it possible to publish post and follow from here?

Yeah, anything posted here it a post on the Steem blockchain. Following isn't implemented yet though.


Cool and owesome update .lest i forgt educative .more of it

Good post. Upvoted, Followed and resteemed

gReAt PoSt....liked it!!!

one word...covfefe

I've been using this forum and it looks so great!! thank you for you great work on this @jesta

Gracias por actualizar, información valiosa

I LOVE @jesta Really Great! Keep It Still Going!

Things just got a lot more confusing .

I am going to follow you. This Sparks my interest so much. I like your approach to systems and organization.

Very cool posts from you @jesta
I like it...
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nice post

nice informative post
thanks for sharing

good work!

Such good work. Nice to see the sub-forums too.

Cool. Thanks for the update.

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