A Reprint blog for the chainBB forums - and the rant that came along with it.

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For me, what started off with building a bunch of toys (steemstats/steemdb) ended up leading to vast amounts of inspiration and the desire to get involved. Having been a member of the Steem community for almost a year, the past 6 months of my life have been incredibly focused what I envision the "pillars" of a Steem-based web could be. Pillars aren't specific websites - but types of websites and apps that need to exist to facilitate true, internet-saturating communities. Blogs, Forums, Sharing, Social, eCommerce, etc - all are examples of what could be considered pillars (along with many others I'm sure).

All of these could be on the blockchain, either together on one or spread across many.

chainBB.com Blog

Today - I added a Reprint powered blog to the beta version of chainBB, which made me want to take a moment to pause and reflect. This isn't the first time I've had the chance to create a circular flow of interactions between these two types of pillars, a blog and a forum, but it is the first time I've done it where both are based upon the blockchain.

Here's an example of what I mean, using my the chainBB beta forum community: as a user reading the forums, you can see what's new in the community by clicking "Updates" in the top right. This leads to a blog, providing the most recent updates brought forth by the leadership of the community. At the end of each article, it provides an opportunity to join the discussion about that topic, which leads you back into the forums to join the discussion.

A (Forum) -> B (Blog) -> A (Forum) -> ∞

I've done these Reprint blogs for other projects, but none of them flowed together quite as well as these two. This setup creates a seemless flow which provides value to both of the pillars individually as well as their cumulative value as a community platform.

Essentials of a Community Website

To step back a little bit, generally what you do when you setup an online community is establish two things:

  • The Soapbox: A syndicated source of important community information (a blog or newsletter)
  • The Sandbox: A place for discussions and sourcing of information from the community (a forum or chatroom)

Information funnels up from the Sandbox, filtered, and then out from the Soapbox, which starts more discussion in the Sandbox.

20 years ago if I was quickly setting up a community for a gaming community, client, or friends - it would have been a server with WordPress (blog) and phpBB (forums). I'd very much consider this the realm of web 1.0. Facebook/MySpace came along shortly there after and added a one-stop shop for all of this (web 2.0), and out of ease, it helped centralize (and commercialize) much of what used to be a decentralized network of community of websites.

Today I feel we are on the brink of a new, decentralized, yet still connected form of the web. This could be what web 3.0 looks like, a hybrid of what web 1.0 and web 2.0 turned out to be. The connective technology that enables all of this is the blockchain.

Right now - anyone with the gusto and technical knowledge required can take the time and build these next-generation style communities, just like decades ago, when the same kind of person could have stood up their web 1.0 community. There are many parallels that could be drawn between today and the beginnings of web 1.0, including the fact that the user's experience generally wasn't the best.

Over time, this stuff is going to become easier and easier, to the point where anyone can setup a blockchain based community of their own design, and for their own purposes. The more people we have involved, the quicker the evolution will occur.


Welcome to the realm that I've been experimenting in, not just focusing on Steem as a website, but as an entire ecosystem of websites. If I had the time, I'd probably write rant-y somewhat nonsensical posts like this daily. Time is a luxury I don't have, as there's only one of me and a ton of pillars to stand up. Today though, I felt it appropriate to pause and write.

This is all the beauty of what's happening in Steem right now. This first year on Steemit has been overshadowed by a lot of hype, a ton of drama, and some down-right shady actors. That's nothing new though, it's not even all that unique - it's just life on the internet. But when you set aside the social dynamics and look at what's happened from a purely technical standpoint, wow.

Here's to the next generation of what the internet could be, and to all of you here (and elsewhere) who are helping make it possible.

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Nice one. I share a consistent part of your vision, but I think there's still place between various pillars. For instance, between a blog and a forum one can insert a CMS. I'm working on such a solution, based on a PHP framework and hope to have some code to share soon.


Oh I absolutely agree and think that's a great addition.

I didn't mean to imply that what I had listed was comprehensive, there's a lot more to it. I was trying to illustrate a few of the distinctions/groupings that exist based on content type, rather than by function.

Looking forward to see what you've got cookin'! A true CMS would be a welcome addition.

Congratulations @jesta!
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I don't know what I'd do without Steemstats... I check it several times a day! Thanks!!!

Hey @jesta, Great page! :)

When someone who can really build says these things it's really inspiring. Thank you for your enthusiasm and efforts!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this post! I guess we don't always look at it from a technical standpoint , but it is quite exciting to see what is happening on all levels! Makes me curious to see where we'll be in a year's time!

Nice post thanks for sharing your thoughts, good job :)

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Thanks so much giving us a glimpse at the wizard behind the curtain and the future you envision. We have exciting times ahead of us indeed.

Oh! Ho Ho Ho Hó!! Glad you've posted this article my dear @jesta, because it is in fact a splendid chance to let you know and everyone here commenting also know.. about One Formidable New Pillar I am building for steemit now, soon to be released in the wild.
Around this weekend I plan to describe better the whole features, reach and power of this tool. And hopefully make some sort of poll to get feedback about if steemians would like it or not. But for now you can have a glimpse, kind like an appetizer about what's coming over us. Oh yeah, and don't forget follow the instructions & get ready such as the pre-announcement article below said so. Cheers! :)

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Long time away @jesta. Glad to see you are still hard a work building some amazing tools. I like the hybridization of the Web 1.0 - 2.0 that you're referring to here. You're one of the few people who really get's it IMHO.
Thank you for dropping in to share. Really admire your work!

Thanks @jesta for your insights, inspiration, hard work, and awesome tools. Your work on the pillars has been important. I am a big fan of your work and you have done more for Steemit than most. Keep up the passion, level-headed thinking, and great projects.

Pretty cool Jesta. Nicely done.

I always have a tab open with Steemstats running.


Hah me too. It's sort of a crashy-memoryhog right now though, I hope in the future to replace it with something more stable :)


here is something for you to think about in your copious free time.

The Sandbox/Soapbox explanation is fantastic! It allowed me to wrap my head around this whole concept. One word....SuuuHWEEEEEEEET!

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