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Forums, also known as message boards, are one of the fundamental building blocks of the internet. Forums are one of the reasons why the Internet is so large. On the internet, you can find forums dedicated to anything from gardening to sports betting, from video games to politics, from finance to technology.

Right now, hundreds of forum software packages, including phpBB, Invision and others power this concept. And as you might’ve guessed, forums are still extremely popular.

Enter ChainBB

To be honest, I bow to @jesta...

Since the beginning he has been creating awesome tools using the steem blockchain and his output are off the chart.,, Reprint and now...

He single-handedly created something that may be the biggest internet story.

He created CHAINBB, a steem-based message board that generate a completely different user experience and re-invented the way we interact with the blockchain.

What's really different?


On, regardless of how relevant the discussion is, the content will eventually disappear from the New/Hot/Trending page. After that period, regardless of how relevant the discussion is, it may be lost in the meanders of the blockchain...only to be retrieved by google search or manual navigation. Nothing wrong there...but that's just one way to explore the blockchain.

ChainBB, on the other hand, has the post with the latest comment jump to the top of the list. Keeping the conversation going. With that kind of interface, a single post may have hundreds and hundreds of replies.

So what's so big about that?


One Word: Communities

Right now, creating forums solely around tags are not the best way to organize a forum. But @jesta was able to make it work none the less. When the community feature will be release, a ChainBB forum for each community could operate under their own domain using Reprint (an open source framework for creating blockchain-based websites).

Each project use 2 things:

1- A Forum
2- A Blog

So why use anything else than chainBB if it performs as good and also has the added bonus of rewards?

You may have missed the news but not only developpers will be able to monetize their apps using the arbitrary rewards mechanism but also people who start communities! So people will be able to start a forum that fund it's community, it's development and projects!


An Opportunity Ripe for the Taking

I'm not sure what @jesta's plans are and I'm not sure he realizes how good an opportunity he has at his fingertips. To be honest, I don't know if he is much of a businessman.

Imagine if a business was built around that technology. A company that develop a service to help people start their own forum/blog using Reprint/ChainBB, develop an App like Tapatalk, work on improving the the software, etc.

The profit source would be the arbitrary reward mechanism of course.



This project is still beta, but right now, it is my #1 on my list when it comes to growth potential. If @jesta surrounds himself with a good team with diversified skills, this guy could be the next Mark Zuckerberg. No jokes.

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First off - thank you. I haven't had enough coffee yet to elegantly put into words why, but I suppose it's simply for "getting it" haha.

I'm incredibly excited for this project, as I rambled on about the other day. This is the point where it feels like things are snapping into place almost perfectly for the things I've been working on. I'm also thrilled that it's more than just my excitement at, this excitement is being shared by many!

Now that I'm starting to come up for air after this 6-week programming binge, I am diverting my attention towards how this could grow. I have been charting out a multi-phased plan to really push chainBB forward, both as a project and as a business, which hopefully I will share (in parts) soon. I have no desire to do this alone and if it's as big as I think it could be - I'd need help.

I need to get back to my coffee. Writing even these few thoughts has been rough! :)

I'm about to release yet another project, and once that's sailing about, it's back onto chainBB planning.


awesome! there are a lot of developers out here who would love to see and help anyone like yourself make history of facebook and their like. it would be cool and useful if you could give strong hints about areas where development is needed: things that are slowing you down, infrastructure or other cool opportunities that would magnify the power of steemit that you don't have time for. that way others can jump in and help without duplicating work (i.e. fragmented dozens of distributions of linux.) maybe you are one of the few that have the big picture enough to steer things (even if the vision is to keep power decentralized - which may be wise.)


So you are the next big thing @jesta ?Tell me,chainBB need any other person on its team aside from Programmers and crypto-junkies?


No idea, I just like building things :)

I blame Legos.


"How Legos changed my life" - Jesta, I can see it now. I also feel this way lol


LOL! too, with metals and woods anyways,


I did a lot of woodworking as a kid - I'm not entirely sure why I stopped. It might have been around the time I started programming though. I guess I never really thought about it :)

One of my best friends does a lot of wood/metal working, it's awesome being able to create things out of raw materials like that. We're building an open air mining rig right now out of aluminum, so glad he knows what he's doing LOL!


open air mining rig right now out of aluminum......

WOW!...what does that do?


To mine Ether?.......he's a pro from what you just told me ......maestro


Legos are really cool until you step on one.


Yup! @cryptoctopus really brought it home for me. I love your work @jesta! It's everywhere. No serious Steemians could ever live without It's so well design and pack with so much useful stats. I look forward to see what you'll bring us in the future!


Another 2-3 sites like this and our life is already moving on the internet. :D


You rock !


A project with great ideas ~ ~ look forward to


Thanks in advance for building stuff, going to check it out

This is amazing :) Thank you for bringing to my awareness the beauty of chainbb. It is something I would injoy being part of <3 much love

CAN NOT WAIT to see how this turns out!!!! excited... this is exactly how to build various/unique applications... utilizing a single blockchain.


i'm keeping all my fingers crossed with you @ajvest , ........smiling!
will be amazed to see competitions with Steemit.


the great thing is that a whole EXOSYSTEM of Dapps can spring up around that single blockchain this way...! And the one of Steem could be pretty much in the centre of an entire "stack" (wrong word, let's better say assortment or cluster) of Dapps doing things like Steemit, Zappl, blockBB, and so much more.

Hah, gotta love it when our chat dies in the middle of the conversation.


right...maybe we need to connect on skype.


I'm heading out to run some errands for the day, we can reconnect later. Not sure if you saw - but those new forums are up and I managed to connect chainBB to a different node, which is now making the site sync much much faster ;)


alright. be well!

I am not technically savvy, so excuse me if I did not understand correctly.

Through chainBB one can open a group, like FB groups? And manage it himself? How would the rewards of a group like that be distibuted between the group and the authors?


I would suggest that you read the FAQ. Lots of features in development too.


I cannot find the FAQ. Please direct me in the right direction. Thanks!

Steemit should add a "Discussion" tag and link to ChainBB

This sounds pretty darn interesting! Cool stuff!

@jesta is amazing.


@jesta for president


@cryptoctopus for vice president,and i will apply as your body guard .....chuckles

What a great tribute to @jesta and a giant thank you to both of you for making this project know and becoming a powerful reality on our site.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Congratulations @cryptoctopus!
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Glad to see this project is still underway and improving each day. Keep up the great work. :)

wish i had more

Great jobs @jesta,, easy to find new update

Sounds very interesting. Will watch out for it. Don't fully understand it tho.

Great news! Online media is now dominated by big corporations stuffing their bullshit narrative down peoples throats. Reddit, facebook etc are killing the internetand the faster will dump them the better

Wow thats intresting. But here is what it says when i loggedin:

"Fair warning: This is beta software
Please use your use your keys responsibly.

This is beta software and you use it at your own risk. Please ensure you are only using your posting key within the site to ensure your account balance is safe."


I wanted to make sure that people understood that using their private keys on 3rd party sites always has some level of risk associated to it. Especially as a brand new website, there may be bugs or exploits I haven't caught yet that could cause people to expose their private keys.

That is why I also only accept what steem calls a posting_key - a key that doesn't have access to spend any of your money. The worst thing that could happen if people's posting keys were stolen is spamming posts and votes that you didn't actually cast.

Over time as the ecosystem evolves, and steemconnect v2 comes online, we will have much more secure solutions. At that point, maybe I'll feel comfortable enough to remove the big process-blocking warning :)

well only time will tell and if and when but i will give it a try

Maybe he needs u on his team!

Whoa. Super exciting and a thoughtful perspective on CHAINBB. Can't wait to see what the future holds here.

He single-handedly created something that may be the biggest internet story.

Don't miss the opportunity!

I'm just getting used to Steemit but ChainBB sounds really exciting. Especially if it can make it easier to navigate posts and help keep the conversations going for longer. Good luck with the project @jesta and everyone involved. Hope we get to see it going at full steam soon!

Interesting, checking it out.

Very cool, may have to check it out myself

Interesting indeed... I used to write a lot on forums years ago, but they gradually vanished with the rise of social networks... Will they come back?


Personally I think we've hit a point where the novelty of social networks is starting to wear off, and people are starting to realize that they don't actually control the data they're putting out on the internet. I'd much rather use a platform like Steem, where all the data is public domain, than letting some huge business control that data and potentially manipulate it.

A more grass-roots approach, allowing anyone to build their own social network (whether a forum or reddit platform) is what I imagine the next big thing to be.


I agree, still many people is afraid of change...

I almost typed all hail @jesta till I read the last part
please @jesta don't be the next zuck - don't sell our data that would suck
anyway, forums? hell yeah!
forums rock!!! and helps a lot! I can't wait to forums!


Hahaha, well... I don't think anyone could sell the data, it's already public on a blockchain :)

That's the beauty of the blockchain - no one owns the data like how FB owns all your data on FB. It's all given freely, all the time, so why would anyone buy it?

One thing people might do is harvest and analyze the data then sell those results. That's being done by groups on pretty much every blockchain already I imagine.

Huh, this is really interesting! Thanks for sharing with us.
If you got a second, could you check out my blog and let me know what you think? I'm a traveling acrobat :)

Well explained! Thanks!

Edit: Sorry, I HAD to do it :p

Perfect for you

I'm new to steem and one of the first things I thought of is why this isn't in place for forums rather than just reddit style post listing.

Very excited to see someone is working on this. Gonna follow closely. Good luck

Somebody help me build this on please :-)
Also, think disqus on a mass scale.


One of the first things that came to mind as I read this was the thought that it could potentially be incorporated directly into the Steemit ecosystem as part of the "communities" feature...

If you think about what communities are about... they are part group, part discussion, part story telling, part social. Let's arbitrarily say we have a "gardening" community... it could not only incorporate Steemit posts (of a specific type) but add the "discussion" nature of a forum-- both as a "Q&A" and as a general forum... which would give us the capacity to offer the world a depth other venues simply lack.

Either way, look forward to hearing more about this!


I'll definitely make it so that communities can have their own forums :)


This is a huge sale @jesta...As an entrepreneur, I can easily get people sign-up for their own forums. Please let the community help u make this happen. I'm currently setting up a Coop business and this can be a nice products for others Coop start-up.


Just joined steemit and was missing some features to really make it adopted by millions. Simply imagine how the 'new' page would look like when a million blogger posting. You could run a virtual ventilator with that. And now here you are. GREAT! You have my support!

Thanks for the insight into this cool project

So now we are truly Reddit!!! :D
I am still waiting for my Steemtube..

Steemit for forums... interesting...

Wow, looks like a nice concept, especially the part where posts get on top by latest comments. Will really help newbies like me get second chances on my posts. Right now, they just disappear.... But would we have to make a new account on this site? And by joining ChainBB, would we be essentially leaving the Steemit platform.


They both use the Steem blockchain - so your account already works with chainBB and your user already exists. I'm responding to your post from chainBB :)

They are one in the same


Oh, then there should be no problem supporting ChainBB!!! :)

I was wondering if someone would come up with something like this! Such a great idea :)

On top of everything @cryptoctopus said, there is a BEER subsection!


What an exciting project !!!!

My first impression is that I like the Steemit interface better. That said, I haven't actually logged into the site yet.


They both have their place, one as a content discovery engine (Steemit) and one as a hub of discussion (chainBB).

I personally am not a fan on "nested discussion-threads" (where it puts each response directly below, creating a tree-like structure with branches), but I know many people are. Luckily, though the magic of the blockchain, we can all use the interface we prefer, share, talk and be a part of something much bigger!

To each their own :)

If a forum went to using this blockchain technology, would it make it impervious to DOS attacks?? Am I understanding things correctly?


To a degree, yes?

Some aspects of the forums could still be attacked via DOS, like the web API's it relies upon. But it's one step closer to decentralizing the location that someone would want to DOS :)


thanks Jesta :)
im new here and i can already tell you're the man lol
appreciate the response on my newb q


No problem! There's not really any good place to find answers to these questions, so when I see em I try to answer :)

This is just great. Thats why I love steemit. People come forward and try to make it better in every aspect. Steemit is blessed to have people like you guys. :)

Really cool thoughts on the use of the message board. It really opens up the community to participate and to work together. Managing is a community is often done as act of love, getting some steem for it only makes it better. Looking forward to tracking along.

A project with great ideas ~ ~ look forward to

Exactly what I asked for ! its like he read my and many others posts asking wy we cant have "subreddits" which is the heart of why redit even works...

this is gona be great! it is what i asked for and MORE! subreddits are cool but why shouldnt we make something even BETTER !

reddit is now obsolete i love it! they had something magical an they started censoring people! they had an extremely unpopular leader, that dumb bitch who wouldnt step down, i think shes still ceo of reddit isnt she? Chariman Pao...its could a community based organization have a leader who everyone in the fuckin organization HATES? ots obvious tat bitch cares ZERO about reddit and what its tands for , if she cared about redit she would have stepped down...its thans to her that we have steemit, haha in a way...and it should be a lesson to people, dont killyour golden goose AKA user submitted content!

the blockhain shall reign supreme! and its jst started and i mean that...people will make MORE off bitcoin than they ever have yet! its not just going to 1 million its going to 1 billion

OH and this will finally let us keep all these posts in one place! MASSIVE substeemits will emerge! peopel will HANGOUT in the same place and steem will circlate ALOT more evenly!

Steemit Whales will emerge for specific sub steemits!
people will say "fuck it im buying steem power" and invest in steemit accounts to promote their own sub steemits and will end up making a profit , and telling everyone else to join in!

i was angry that you were telling us there was gonnabe something bigger than steemit! And then I found out it IS steemit! Just something to make steemit bigger! My god we are all gonna be so rich! And even the smallest minnows here with only a few bucks in steempower or steem will end up with fuckin 100s of dollars! I was just asking for ts feature for my idea to have steemit Poker, Steemit Pong, (to test out a steemit gaming platform where you win steem based on how much you bring in to the game)

I am gonna use this post as the example of "That guy who made $1000 in two days on that new website steemit where you get paid to post like reddit or social media"

Nice, Bro! :)

Successful post

I'm 555 Upvoter in this post!!! Lucky))))

Still isn't there a reason for which a post has no comments. If the tittle and matter do no call attention perhaps it should not be brought to top of the list. Yes the message will go into oblivion, still once doing a search for a topic and if it is relevant it will come up. Am I on the right track?
lost post.jpg


Wow, so excited to see where this goes!!!
Thanks for compiling all of this information :)

Is the platform decentralized?


what do you mean by decentralized? What part?


The beauty of using Steem is that you can build multiple ways to display the same data that is on decentralized blockchain. This is just another example of it.

Thanks for telling me about this. I want to see more and more community and more modes of self-sustainability so I like this!

That looks very promising! I had heard of it but wasn't really sure exactly what it was. I think there will always be a place for forums.

Do i need to take another account there?


Nope! It uses the same blockchain as, so your account and content is shared across both platforms.

YES! YES! YES! This is exactly what I've been looking for to build my niche site on Steem. This post just filled in a lot of holes for how I can create a profit stream from it as well. Have you heard any updates on the community feature since this posted? Would it be possible to start off with a tag based forum and then transition over to a community based forum when that's released? I hate waiting for unknowns to get started on a project, especially when I have no control over said unknowns.

@jesta, if you need any help selling this as a service to people who need it setup and serviced, I'd love to help out with that. With a good case study, you could easily sell this to marketers with big audiences through a webinar.

Could there be a way to have new users register or request an account through the forum? My audience needs to stay on one site to reduce confusion. They won't understand Steemit, but they'll understand how to use a forum. Figured if I just got their basic info, I could use one of the alternate account setup methods to make their accounts with my own money.


Yep, you could easily start with tags and then migrate to a community based forum (once it's released and I'm setup for it).

The forums themselves don't have an account creation process because of the cost. I'm open to ideas of how it could work, but actually getting the forums fully functional is my top priority right now (as opposed to account creation).


Thank you very much for answering my questions! I've been trying to wrap my head around how to use a Steem powered platform with my audience for over a week and I'm very excited by what you've built.

Yeah, I totally understand that's where your priorities should stay right now. The account creation side of things is something I can process manually anyway, at least at the beginning.

Probably going to hire a developer this week to help me get it setup this week.

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help you with the development! I'd love to be a part of it somehow.

This is like slack on steroids.


Wow :0 interesting stuff man!

Incredible, Marvelous , Extra ordinary
i m enjoying

LOve the info in this post. I see even more benefits in this now! Well done!

I feel so new, but after a week and a half of posting and studying here I am learning more and more. I have been afraid to use anything that asks for my steemit password, but it sounds like you are comfortable with @chainbb. Thank you for your post @cryptooctopus, I am so glad to meet you today - I followed you.

I am a newbie here! and I'ts have been late to say this but.
Thank you for bringing this to my awareness @cryptoctopus such a great article you explain well the details we need and to understand more, also I just watch it by now from her post @roykie17 the beauty of chainbb that she posted. I hope I can learn and explore more about this I can wait to see more post about chainbb, you really rock @jesta!

Thanks for bringing these great apps to the attention of this Minnow, @cryptoctopus and thank you @jesta for creating them! ✌💛