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I am excited today to announce the release of the next version (0.4.0) of! Since I'm not making it to SteemFest this year and it's hackathon, I decided to hunker down and have a hackathon of my own. Looking forward to seeing/reading about whatever work all of you at the actual hackathon produce. Keep us posted!

As with all of my chainBB posts - I'd encourage you to continue reading this post on chainBB to get a sense of what it is. Here's the link to this post:

What is chainBB?

chainBB is a discussion forum interface for the Steem blockchain. chainBB isn't a replacement for blogging on Steemit - but a different way to interact with all the same people and content on the Steem blockchain.

It's a platform designed to make it easier to engage with each other. It steps outside of replies on one another's blog posts. Writing a post in a forum is much less daunting than writing a blog post. No need to worry about formatting or picking out images, the goal isn't to make it to any frontpage or even earn massive rewards. The goal is to have a conversation, ask a question, or share an idea.

Continue to blog and earn rewards through Steemit (or your favorite app) - but also consider joining a few different chainBB forums to be a part of the conversation.

Want more information? Here's a few older posts for a bit of history:

The code behind chainBB is open source and can be found in the following repositories:

chainBB 0.4.0 - a focus on forums

Inching closer to what I'd consider a version 1.0 - this update at a high level includes:

  • User created forums
  • Forum moderation
  • Redesigned forum interface
  • Server upgrades & bug fixes (including the annoying jumping cursor)

The next few sections of this post will dive in deep on what these features do (and what they mean for chainBB). Towards the end of the post I'll give a brief look at what's coming up for chainBB.

Thank you to everyone that's been involved in providing feedback, listening to me rant, and helping me solve some of these problems. It's very appreciated.

User created forums

Up until this point - the forums that existed on chainBB were forums that I created, either because I thought it a good idea or someone requested it. All of those forums have now been removed, and chainBB is whatever the community wants it to be from here on out (well, within reason).

Any user can now create their own forum with a setup cost of 10 STEEM.

I won't dive in too deep on the cost in this post, there was a good discussion about it on the post I wrote last weekend about revenue. I am pretty comfortable with where pricing is at and don't expect it to change - but it could. I've never run a business based on blockchain powered forum hosting before... but who has? :)

I've also created a forum specifically for users to announce their forums which can be found in /f/new-forums. I'll be moderating this forum and giving each forum a chance to introduce themselves.

So, what is a forum?

It's a collection of people and their posts which are normally all related to a single topic. A forum on chainBB is somewhat similar to a subreddit on, a Facebook group, a traditional PHP forum, or what a "community" will be on in the future. It's a place for people to congregate.

Why would anyone need a forum?

The best way to understand the benefit is a real world example. I'll use my needs as this example since I'm in a position to need a forum.

As a developer - I write blog posts like these to keep everyone informed. I engage with users and typically it's in responses to posts like this - sometimes months after the post was created. I also get a lot of random message in various chat programs with questions and keeping track of it all is insanely hard. I need one place to point people to.

That's where forums come in. With a forum, I can direct everyone to one place to talk to me (or each other), instead of in the comments.

I'm putting this into practice myself and I think it proves a worthy example. I'm @jesta, the Vessel developer, and I want someplace I can direct users to engage.

Let's compare my options currently between and It's slightly unfair because realistically the comparison should be between forums and communities, but this is what exists now to us currently.

The two pages have very different content for a number of reasons but are both populated by the Steem blockchain. Steemit itself shows you the recent content (which at the moment looks to be spam), where as chainBB shows what's being talked about even on all the older content.

It also prompts users to create a post and will automatically tag the post appropriately to be a part of the forum. This leads to an area that we can engage in conversation, ask questions, provide support, and collaborate in any number of ways.

So with that being said - from here on out, /f/vessel on chainBB will serve as Vessel's home on Steem.

Rewarding the forum organizers

Back when I launched chainBB, I added a 15% Beneficiary Reward to all posts created through the site. At that time, I stated that I felt it was a bit on the higher end and the goal was to not increase it in the future. This new feature was the reason why I initially went as high as I did. With the launch of these new forums comes a new way to reward the community organizers - a share of that 15% beneficiary reward.

chainBB now features a dynamic beneficiary rewards sharing system that increased the rewards to the individuals behind each forum. This reward starts at 1% immediately upon creation and scales up to 10% (or 66% of the 15%) in increments of 0.25%.

This change also doesn't impact users - instead it reduces the percentage that chainBB receives.

This chart illustrates how the beneficiary rewards scale between the Forum Owner and chainBB. As the forum increases it's share, chainBB decreases, leaving the end-user of the forum unaffected at 15%.

Currently the beneficiary rewards are set to go to the owner account of that forum. The owner/organizer of the forum is free to use those rewards however they see fit - they could use it to fund their project (as I am), give rewards back to the community, run giveaways, whatever! It's another option for the many communities here on Steem to fund themselves besides just posts and curation.

So how does a forum increase their percentage share? There's two ways:

  • Organically: Rewards generated by the forum automatically increase the value.
  • Manually: Forum owners (or users) can transfer STEEM to increase the value from the "Upgrades" area of the forum.

The impatient can pay those up front to immediately earn a higher percentage, while others can wait and grow their forum organically through usage, hopefully creating an environment flexible enough for almost all situations.

Forum Configuration

When setting up a forum, these are the options available to you:

  • Namespace (initial setup): This is the unique ID used in the URL.
  • Display Name: The formatted name for the forum. Appears in the header and forums list.
  • Description: A short description of the forum.
  • Tags: The different tags that are required for content to be shown in this forum. Any post that matches this tag as the first tag (category) on the post will be eligible.
  • Exclusive Mode: This is an on/off toggle the forum owner can set. Enabling it will change the forum to only display posts made through (and not steemit/busy/esteem/etc). This does not effect comments/replies to posts - which will always be shown on the posts that are displayed.

There's a number of other configuration options I have planned and will announce them as they become available.

A full guide on "how to setup a forum" is in the works and will be posted soon on /f/announcements.

Forum moderation

Spam is a problem on the Steem blockchain and the last version of chainBB had a difficult time dealing with it. The old chainBB forum (meant for talk of chainBB) ended up becoming a home of people just posting random things. Why? Because they saw that the #chainbb tag was making money for people and they wanted to be a part of it. This is a common phenomena on the Steem blockchain.

With this new release, the owner of a forum can now remove posts that don't belong in the forums they run.

Look at the /f/vessel forum again, and click the "Show Hidden" checkbox. You can now see (in grey) the posts that I (as the moderator) have removed.

The goal is to have all moderation be a transparent process (it's on a blockchain after all), and to that end, you can check the "Show Hidden" checkbox to see all posts that have been removed. When a post is removed from a forum, it remains unaffected on the Steem blockchain and the moderation action only occurs on within that specific forum. Posts can also be restored to the forum should the moderator(s) choose.

As community organizers, we need a way to combat spam and tag abuse, but it needs to be in a responsible and transparent way. We need a system that helps avoid all the drama we see on reddit (/r/bitcoin) surrounding censorship. With this moderation system - every user will be able to see the actions of the forum organizer(s) and choose to be a part of that community or not.

Redesigned forum interface

With such a massive update to how forums work - I couldn't just leave the UI alone. Each forum has a new header element that allows for navigation within the forum and access to the meta information about the forum itself.

For this example - I'm going to use the /f/buildteam forum created by @reggaemuffin.

This new forum header is your control center for that forum, outside of the content. The left bar remains as your global navigation.

The "meta" interface

In the screenshot above, the "meta" information button is pointed out in the upper right.

If you want a real working example, here's the meta page for /f/test.

This button brings you to the area that describe the forum and it's operations. This information is public and anyone can view it. It consists of 4 sections, 3 of which are shown below. All of these are a work in progress and will be improved upon with the next release.

  • Overview: basic information about this forum
  • Permissions: who has access to do what here
  • Configuration: how this forum is setup (not shown in screenshots)
  • Upgrades: the upgrades this forum has accumulated




The new tags menu

This menu now gives you more fine control over what type of content you're looking for. /f/buildteam makes the perfect example for the benefit of this system in that they have 3 primary types of content:

These controls let you shift the conversation to a specific topic and better learn what it's about.

Posting through the new tags menu

This new tags menu also lets you post within these specific tags easily. Clicking "Post" from within a tag automatically adds the appropriate tags to appear in this part of the forum.

No matter which tag you end up posting into, your post will also be displayed on the forum homepage, which is accessible via the Home button to the left of the tags.

Server upgrades & bug fixes

chainBB is still beta, but we shed the beta subdomain. The site now is hosted on a new CDN and through the root domain. You should notice better initial page loads, but some of the API calls still need routing optimization.

A number of bug fixes were also included in this update. This post is already long enough - but they were mostly in some of the annoyances 0.3 had. Feel free to check github if you're super curious.

Features on the horizon:

I've got a number of new features I want to get implemented quickly to make all of this even better. No ETA, but I may gradually release these over the coming weeks/months. Stay tuned to /f/announcements for future announcements.

Upcoming features:

  • Configurable beneficiaries: Owners will be able to automatically assign beneficiary rewards to their team.
  • Moderation teams: Owners will be able to assign moderators, who will be able to help keep forums clean.
  • New homepage for chainBB: A new homepage will be designed as a curated list of forums (potentially based on performance).
  • Subforums: Creating forums within forums.
  • User Contribution Tracking: Tracking the individual contributions of all users of a forum.

Features for the future:

  • "Communities" protocol: The plan is to fully integrate the new "Communities" protocol into chainBB in the future. Communities will be slightly different than forums and I think they have the opportunity to work well together.
  • Post Signatures: Forum users will be able to configure a forum signature as part of their profile that is attached to their post.
  • Custom hosting, domain, logo, themes, titles, etc: Features that go the extra mile for the huge communities.
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Great idea! Now if only I had 10 Steem! lol

Nice! Keep up the good work

Wow, what an amazing amount of work you are putting into this project and, by the looks of it all, an excellent step up in relocalizing our chatting in a very powerful and aesthetic format.

Thanks a lot for all you are doing for this platform, namaste :)

Such a detailed and well illustrated explanation too!

I can't agree more! Namaste :)

Fantastic! Just started launching the Steem Comic Convention forum in earnest tonight and am getting a better feel for the interface and potential. It's great to see this announcement pop up at the same time!

  1. Thanks for the reminder to use the new forum announcement forum!

  2. Subforums in development. Yay! Definitely one of the first key features I realized was "missing." Not critical at all currently, but once certain forums grow to larger sizes the sorting becomes a necessity.

  3. Allowing other moderators. Another yay!

  4. On the subject of moderation, I don't see any means of hiding items within a thread, only a means of hiding full threads. Is this a possibility and on the horizon? It's certainly needed, especially to combat spam which really ruins the flow of the thread reading.

Thanks for such a great platform. I'm falling in love with the readability of it and your superior voting and composing tools. (On that front, any plans to integrate simple image uploads? I popped over to a different UI to drag and drop a couple images into a post.)

Keep up the amazing work - on ChainBB and Vessel, I use them both daily now.

Few responses for ya:

On the subject of moderation, I don't see any means of hiding items within a thread, only a means of hiding full threads. Is this a possibility and on the horizon? It's certainly needed, especially to combat spam which really ruins the flow of the thread reading.

I don't have that built just yet unfortunately, but flagging works. If a post goes negative in rshares it'll collapse just like on I'll think about this one and explore if I can add one.

On that front, any plans to integrate simple image uploads? I popped over to a different UI to drag and drop a couple images into a post.

It's definitely on my radar - just a lower priority. Image uploaders can take a decent amount of effort to get running and I haven't wanted to jump on it yet. The entire posting system should probably get an overhaul before it's added.

Thanks for the feedback, always happy to hear how things end up getting used!

I've used many of your tools you've created before. I love the work you do. When it's written by @jesta, you have @intelliguy interested, always. :)

Fantastic work, @jesta! Steem dev has desperately needed something like this. I hope all the other developers dive in there and make this work. Development centred around chat rooms is next to useless. It needs a forum structure and this looks to be it. Great work!

I'm with ya. I setup /f/steemdev with the same thing in mind. If we can build it out and manage it like a real forum - it could have a ton of value to onboarding new developers.

Good stuff! I've had a play on chainbb before while looking for dev stuff, and it was way better than I'm going swap over to chainbb and use it now. This is a fantastic development. (I've just jumped in and registered f/basicincome).

upvote me please!!!

No, I think I'll downvote you for making such a pathetic comment.

I love you...

Still a lot to do, but we'll get there man :)

I know you will...
now shut up so u get it done faster :P

This a major upgrade, congrats!

I like how you improve the forum. It is an evolution. Excellent.

I am excited about new features. Especially user created forums and future functionalities like communities and signatures.

Good work, bravo!

This is one of the most important projects on the STEEM blockchain! Keep up the great work!

This is excellent jesta. As always. Let me know if there's anything you need extra hands on. You got a lot in this update

Looking forward to directing steemdev chat to the forum

This is incredible! You just keep doing great work, don't you?

I just linked my account to chainBB a few days ago, I guess I need to get busy.

I think this is a great leap forward for Steemians. I'm no techie, but the way I understand this is it a forum based upon the Steem blockchain, which can be niche specific, with earnings tied to Steemit. Correct? My big question is this... do the same earnings rules apply? In other words, do forum posts and comments become stale after 7 days? I'm also guessing all forum members need to be Steemit account holders, correct? Thanks for providing me some easy answers.

Correct on all accounts.

  • Same rewards rules apply, with the only difference being the beneficiaries.
  • All members do need a Steem account. I have ideas for an account creation and onboarding system, but those will come later. It's the early adopter phase at the moment where the expectation is you're already a Steem account holder.

I am interested in creating a forum, say for travel. This makes me the beneficiary? Once I create the forum, there can be sub-forums (say country specific) that I would also be the beneficiary of? This sounds like the forum creator is the one who cashes in, correct? I would like more specific information, ha, in laymans terms... if possible.

Gotta run, but will be back to check on more info. Thanks @jesta!

You could definitely create a forum for travel (named whatever) - and indeed if you did you'd be the beneficiary for that specific forum. From there it would be up to you to manage that community and foster it's growth, which would determine the rewards flowing through that community.

Keep in mind though, that only posts made through chainBB, and through that specific forum, are eligible for beneficiaries. The tags and topics aren't going to be what make or break a forum - it will be the community behind it and how it's built.

I also don't think that all the popular tags on Steemit are going to make a good forum. I think some of the best forums we'll see in the future are tags that have done absolutely terrible on Steemit (just because Steemit isn't designed for all content).

As for subforums - I'm not sure how the beneficiaries will work for that yet. I'll try to come up with a system that's fair.

Thanks, I'll be in contact.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for your work. I have created a namespace for China. I am not sure if you have plan to support the namespace in other language?(The Chinese doesn't work for now)

Yeah I just saw that happen. It looks like the description processed but the name didn't. I'll open a github issue for that and get it resolved.

Thank you so much!

upvote me please!!!

Chainbb has a great interface I like it a lot

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Really great post and great project!

I'm a bit afraid of "post signatures" though. I hate to browse forums where users use signatures. It just seems such a waste of space, specially those that completely abuse it. I would suggest to not support signatures, but ya, not sure if others agree with me (haven't read the comments, sorry if someone already mentioned this).

Btw, I'm posting this using, which is now my prefered way of interacting with steem.

The nice thing is that if people use the system, it'll allow everyone else to hide/show them based on their personal preference. If they didn't use the system, it'd just be part of their post and there wouldn't be a way to hide them.

Another great update, @jesta. Keep the disruption potential high and moving, you are on to great things with this project and hopefully, soon enough scaling hosting becomes an issue for you.

The potential is most definitely there, the disruption aimed for when discourse launched was very minimal to what you could achieve with chainbb.

Very amazing post you nailed it

Thanks @princeshady5. To read what I really think of chainBB and its potential, check out my post about the chainBB relaunch.

[Sorry about self-promo but I think it's contextually related, @jesta]

A great post, thank you for sharing. I totally missed that one.

I totally missed that one.

No worries, witnesses and developers like you have other things to stay busy with, jesta. I never spam either, sooner or later I get an opportunity to pitch it anyway. Glad you like it.

Plus, theSteemObserver hasn't officially launched yet. Some day, soonish if possible, would love to have a chat with you about it. Bounce some ideas and also gather feedback, of course.

Looks fantastic!

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Thanks a lot,
your @treeplanter

I would like to know, if there is any type of plugin or API for any of the more established old standalone forum softwaqres like SimpleMachine, phpBB,
SimplePress, MyBB or simular to get Steem blockchain integration, so I can run my own forum with Steemit payments on my own domain ?

I really would like to have such functionally for SimplePress which is based on Wordpress... Is there anything coming like this maybe via the new Steemit API ?

Please let me know. Many thanks.

Regards, Stefan.

Not that I'm aware of, chainBB I think is the only forum implementation at this point.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great informative post. TY

Calling @originalworks :)
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Nice, you got a 87.0% @minnowbooster upgoat, thanks to @jesta
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Wow, a supergoat! @minnowbooster and @reggaemuffin are just too awesome

Services like these are so helpful for promotional purposes :)

forum creation, moderation, and reward sharing · I am excited
Hi @jesta, your post is great. Upvoted and following for more, please don't forget to check mine.

Fantastic job @jesta it deserve much more attention..

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yes Thanks for such a great platform.

The famous quote "Eventually Everything Connects" is always a huge reminder to me that the betterment of humanity is scaling down to the need for a more open and supportive world.

What you said "The goal is to have a conversation, ask a question, or share an idea" clearly adds to this mission too. Well done bro!

yes indeed its one of the best projects.

Great work @jesta

Thanks for sharing your job

Nice job out there.

upvote me please!!!

You're doing a great job @jesta.

I love the new look of chainbb and my favorite feature in chainbb is the ability to preview your work before posting. This feature is very useful for mobile users especially.

Dude this post is little bit confusing for me as I never heard about it before but it help me a lot i grab some good points from it. Thanks for the post.
Please support me as well...😎😉

Cool. Can't wait to try it again.

Good cra

Best cra I've ever seen!

Thanks for information

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Nice post. I just upvote you. please upvote my post.

Would you consider only displaying post made from your app like zappl did? (Meta data set)

It's an option that forum owners can set, yeah.

Woh. what a thought. I think you are doing a lots of hard work in this project. nice to learn about it.Your Information is remarkable. want more like this. best of luck

You guys have totally changed the way steem works.

Chainbb will going to rock. But 10 steem amount is somewhat not good to create a forum.

Pretty interesting

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This wonderful post upvote from @mamun-net

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Thanks i think i will check it out
i have a question , Can we say that's structure is like ?

will these sites store the our steemit information chainbb,busy,steemdb ?

somebody confirm ?

Interesante me gusta

Thanks for the update @jesta !

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Peace over all of us, very nice post from either the word or the appearance

I am a beginner, I need the support of seniors players long steemit to support my passion in playing this, steemit

I say thank you

genial información, gracias por compartirla

Very useful & Good stuff! nice post on Thank you @jesta keep it up!!

This is great work @jesta-- really happy to see this! This is basically as close to the promised "communities" from Steemit as I have seen... with the added benefit that there can be user-created communities, not just presets. In a sense, it seems like you are almost prototyping "communities" with this... which is awesome!

This a good upgrade, congrats!

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Jesta is the best

Wow, what an amazing amount of work you are putting into this project. Thanks for such a great platform.better feel for the interface and potential.


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Hi bro, may i please ask with the 250 steem model, will you be on hand to help with customization?

What kind of customization?

Most customization will come at a later date as I get it implemented for all forums.

Hi, how are you? I am new to steemit and when reading your post I wanted to enter your ChainBB page, maybe it seems silly, but I do not know how to register, I have put my username steem and my private key steem and I can not access it. I really do not handle the page well and I would like some guidance. Thank you


I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

@jesta (or anyone else who actually manages a chainbb forum),

You are building my dreams 💖🙏

Important: which, if any, of the configuration parameters can be edited latter, and if they can, how many times?

The only field that cannot be edited later is the namespace. All other fields can be edited as many times as you'd like. Enjoy ;)

Thank you, that gives me the confidence to start playing :)

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Ask permission for translate to my language Indonesian.

great information. amazing.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I have a question on reward distribution @jesta. If I made the post elsewhere and edited it on chainbb - will the reward distribution apply or no? (1% to forum - 14% to chainbb). Also, does the reward distribution apply to comments as well? Thank you so much!

The post has to be posted through chainBB originally for the beneficiaries to work.

The reason for that is that you can only specify the beneficiaries upon post creation and they can't be edited in the future. So posting elsewhere, then editing on chainBB, won't do anything unfortunately.

Yeah - the reward distribution also applies to comments!

I see, thanks. And it seems I can see everything in steemd.

Hey @jesta, I can't see any mechanism to user my moderator powaz on my forum. Are they hidden in plain sight?

It should be a blue button that appears in the left most column on each post when you hover over a post.

It currently only works from the forum view itself (where you see the big blue forum header). Currently you can only moderate top level posts, and there's no moderation in thread.

Let me know if it's still not appearing for you, I'm not ruling out a bug somewhere :D

Ah yeah I see it now. Cheers!

What an amazing work! Good luck for you!

I think it'd be great if the main forum list could show badges indicating things like whether or not the forum has Content Exclusivity enabled and what level of Upgrades it has achieved. If a forum has Content Exclusivity disabled, it'd be nice to see some kind of indication of moderation events. Basically, something to indicate how well curated is the forum.

Adding this idea to my list, I'll probably be tackling the forum list again next week.

It would be super cool if ChainBB supported code highlighting, like ```bash:

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

It looks like the plugin I'm using (remarkable) does have it, just no bash support.

JS works though it seems

var foo = function (bar) {
  return bar++;


Edit - Nope, not working. Time to look at that.

Edit 2 - There we go :D

Wow, it looks great!

wow thats lots of new features and i use only chainbb for vote and comments because its easy and fast and i also like that new things in rewards section on top right of page that it show before vest and now it so as SP so its easy to see how much amount we get. before we got 2 or 3 cents from comments and not now but still for me its easy way to visit people because its also show only user post and not show user reblog post its easy to find user post on user wall. its easy and fast for me so i use it and i will also recommend other to all.

Great post keep up the good work also if you want you can follow me and comment on my post so that you can receive more up votes from me.

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Nice try.