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in chainbb-news •  last year

It's the end of a long day playing with the code for the new release. I figured I'd share a preview before I crash.

If you'd like to play with the interface yourself - there's a dev build on If you want to click around and do what I just did with that gif, here's the link to @timcliff's post:

Or even check out this post and watch the votes here:

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@jesta, if you want my opinion, you should definitely push the changes as soon as possible. I'd rather have small constant updates than 1 big update every couple of months.

Also, it seems like the dev version doesn't have a reply button on every post. Are you aware of that?


I'm with ya in that regard, I'm hoping to do a release every couple weeks as opposed to every couple months.

The dev version is indeed missing the reply button on most posts - which is a side effect of me reworking that entire section and compacting it. I've been using the new build locally for pretty much all my daily activity and need to get it added back in. I think that's really one of the only major things holding me back at this point.


New build is being deployed right now with the updates from dev - figured I'd get it out before the long weekend. I think that while I'm the only developer working on it (which may change), I'll try to get updates out rapidly and keep evolving faster.

I'm not planning on announcing these changes (0.0.5) yet because I want to get a couple more features added before it's "complete".

A lot of appreciation for you thanks for sharing @jesta

Well done. I hope you or someone else will still make a Steem powered forum which they will sell to other webmasters, so they can run it on their own domains...
Is anybody still working on something like this or does anybody know, if someone else is integrating this into the normal forum softwares like WPForo, Xenforo, SimpleMachines, PortaMX or Elkarte Forum software ?
Many thanks. Regards, Stefan.

I browsed and it is indeed much better than the current site. When are you going to make those changes to beta/main site?


I haven't decided whether I'm going to merge them into master now or wait until I get the new moderation team controls completed first.

I do like using a lot more than the live site right now - so there is a bit of desire to merge it sooner :)

thanks for sharing this. so helpful.

Appreciated work to the chainbb. Pretty awesome with chainbb gif format. it seems live condition. now stunning interface updated.

I just checked now, it's awesome, one significant thing I love about it is how it keeps on helping users, reminding them to use their posting keys 🔑 instead of master key 🔑 , I also like the way it grouped tags alphabetically and projects them in the left margins for easy access.

Dear @jesta,

Please create a forum for OpenSUSE, just like ubuntu. And, FYI the ubuntu & linux forum is spammed heavily. I can help moderate both of them 🙂

Chainbb rocks!

thank you

Looks fantastic, @jesta!

thanks for your information . i just resteem this post :)

Thats great update @jesta. Now we can see our interface from gif format.
Awesome work.

Peace over all of us, very nice post from either the word or the appearance

I am a beginner, I need the support of seniors players long steemit to support my passion in playing this, steemit

I say thank you

Day by day, our talent, creativity and high-mindedness are shown.
Allow me dear brother ....... To raise the hat respect and appreciation to you for what you bear the thought of yoke and insight into your next new.
My love and appreciation for you ..