Why do Chinese like to sit in a round table?

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It is simple to say it's a cultural practice, but what are the reasons behind?

  1. Chinese have always emphasized unity in their culture. And the word “unity” has similar pronunciation with the word “round” or “circle”.
  2. Big family has always been a symbol of strength, wealth, power in ancient China, it still is until today. So, in order to fit everyone in a table while they can talk to each other at the same time, a round table is a must.
  3. This might be weird to Western societies, but Chinese love to have a lot of dishes on the table and share it together. So, using round table helps to fit all dishes on one table, and keep all dishes reachable for everyone. Isn’t that smart?
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Thanks for reading! Appreciated :)

Round table is good that makes chatting easier and everyone sitting there can see each other!


Exactly, I would always go for round table over long table for gatherings


Gathering in round table is sure to be a happy one!

Explained very clear!


Thanks for reading! Appreciated :)

Interesting culture. I think they like to mimmic richness