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After posting on steemit for more than 4 months I undesrstand that power up is the most important in steemit. I withdrew all the earned money and I regret about that because I was earning good money and now I am earning just cents from my posts or a couple dollars from some others.

There is two ways to power up:

  • The best one is to buy steem power directly from blocktrades.us

  • The second way is to convert your steem dollar into steem and then power up, but it will take time.

Keep steeming & never give up !

Follow @Clixmoney and have fun. ☺


What is the minimum Steem dollars can one use to power up. Am asking this on my behalf and others who would also like to know. Thanks.

Any amount you want, I think, it's not important, the more steem power you will have the more your upvote will worth and the higher your comment will be in other posts when you comment.

Thanks @clixmoney, let me give it a try:)

I've sent amount as low as $5 USD..

I just did some business with @blocktrades 👍👍

I respect such websites

Powering up is key your steempower is your power on steemit just as it sounds...lets power up

But it's anyway sad that just power can helps, I tried everything but nothing is working, now the only way is to power up !

Thanks for the tip... I recently setup my bittrex account and coinbase accounts and plan to add and power up!

you are welcome ☺

I learnt it as well, Power Up makes the difference

The way I see it, unless you're making mega bucks and the withdrawal is going to make a difference to life, or even pay for a decent dinner out, then powering up is the best way to go.

Everything I earn on Steemit cost me nothing, monetary wise, so don't kill your chickens too soon, let it continue to lay golden eggs for you.

we will see how much it take me to make at least a few dollars from each post !

I'm converting my SBD to STEEM and using that to lease delegated sp. I have abut 1000 of it in 3 pieces. I will keep doing it. My .12 vote makes a big difference here! It's easy to lease with @minnowbooster and you can do it for small money to get started. I'm spending about 30 STEEM a month and it's well worth it in how my account is growing.

I have an old post about how new minnows can make money here. Commenting on people who pay for comments is my best strategy at the moment. Maybe some of this will help you too. Good luck on growing back your power. I agree this is most critical here!

Make Money Blogging on Steemit Top Tips and Checklist for Better Results!!

has anyone invessted in quite a bit of SP, have you seen a huge difference in your earnings?

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