Shallot Organic Fertilizer Garden.

in cervantes •  last month

Planting is certainly a job carried out by some farmers who are gardening or rice fields this time. I invite all of you to see the onion organic fertilizer garden in the mature village of Aron. Seeing the onion garden is very interesting for me to learn more about trying to plant it naturally by using organic fertilizers such as this garden which is on the road by Pak munawar residents in the local village.

according to pak munawar he was very successful in organizing organic shallots so that he would harvest 20 times he said.

Mr. Munawar stated that planting red onions organically is planting red onions that all farmers must try because planting these onions is really very tempting as a good income as our livelihood to meet family needs or the household economy.

So, how come the story of your experience about red onion that he followed. I hope your friends will continue to be passionate about gardening and try to grow shallots organically like you don't run.

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