At the Gate of Last Palace of Chosun Dynasty, Dae Han Mun

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I had an appointment with my colleagues in front of the gate of last palace of Chosun dynasty.
I heard there was a nice waffle store near the gate.
So I tried to find out where the snack bar was.
It was not easy to find the store. People made a line to taste the waffle.
I ordered the waffle and a cup of coffee. Actually the waffle was really wonderful. I’d like to strongly recommend to taste that waffle. It was not much sweat, but had delicate smell in it.


While having the waffle, I could hear a drum sound.
It was said there was a ceremony of exchanging the guarding troops which was revived recent times for the tourists.



People were gathering to see the ceremony.
At first, the commanding group was marching out through the gate with various flags.


I tried to look at this ceremony several times, but I had missed before.
In this time, I didn’t have any expectation to see this ceremony.
Irony of our lives.


really big thoughts post awesome topic.And this photography superb and many education post it was

It is fun to see that signage of the waffle store like a giant waffle sticking out @slowwalker :D
I believe that the ceremony is you saw maybe is religious, interesting to watch if I were there too.

Your collage looking awesome. Happy ceremony year. Thanks for share beautiful captured.

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Very Colorful with the Changing of The Guard. Thank You for Showing Us @slowwalker..............

와플집이 마치 외국에 있는 가게 같아요.
아무래도 사진을 그런 분위기를 포착해서 찍으셔서 그럴까요?
유명한 곳에서 맛있는 와플도 드시고, 전에는 놓쳤던 좋은 구경도 하셨네요.^^

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Wow great to check this out awesome shots you shared :)

That sounds very good idea to have waffle and coffee. I would love to taste it. When we visit my mother-in-law she often has such tea time snacks warm waffles but with Ice-cream and then when it is combined with coffee that is a paradise for your soul.

That sounds to be beautiful historical ceremony, I bet tourists coming specially for the event. Nice weather by the way :)

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