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My third, unexpected (for me), article of my Open diary. I am finding it more valuable than I could ever expect, opening room for positive discussion.

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Quasar and all the Utopian hype about it. Just why?

Utopian empowers open source projects by enabling them to create networks of supporters and professionals, facilitating incentives and contributor rewards.

Utopian has been doing this for 332 days. Many of these open source projects, more than 80% of them, are: Steem based applications, tools and contents.

That in fact implies, most of the open source resources and projects you are having on this blockchain have been either on-boarded by Utopian or supported for their growth in the last 332 days.

Utopian is opening bridges for developers, while also convincing project owners on opening up their work to the public, pushing them to full transparency, much necessary factor of the blockchain economy.

The more developers we bring, the more projects, the more outreach. Ultimately more value for every stake holder of this blockchain.

Specifically for Quasar https://github.com/quasarframework/quasar, this framework has 7000 stars on Github and more than 600 forks, few times more than the number of stars of the Steem blockchain. Almost 3K people on their Discord. This framework works with some of the most popular platforms and libraries out there, such as https://github.com/nodejs/node and https://github.com/vuejs/vue, making collectively more than 180K stars on Github. Quasar is usually mentioned in the second spot of the most important frameworks in the Vue ecosystem.

To put it simple, tons of devs know and work with Quasar daily.

Why you should be following and supporting @quasarframework on Steem

For the simple reason: You want developers on Steem and you want them to be freaking awesome.

Along with projects run by Byteball, the Blockchain Competence Centre of the European Commission, SteemPress and others, the Quasar framework stands out in a list of already awesome realities supported by Utopian.

@Quasarframework is on Steemit, consider setting up a trail for these guys or go often checking their updates. https://steemit.com/@quasarframework

Help us out opening doors to many more awesome devs.

Utopian and Quasar, what's the deal.

I can easily understand why Quasar got that much amount of stars on Github, @nothingismagick is a guy made of stardust. Not only he responded to a funny message from @gregory.latinier on their Discord, which may be perceived as "aggressive marketing" ;p , he also got in touch with the Utopian team straight away, trying to get as much info as possible about the whole thing. If that isn't sufficient good will, he also brainstormed with us around several solutions to make the collaboration Quasar+Utopian as beneficial as possible for every Steem user.

Their devs are already getting into the Utopian Discord and trying out Steem by signing up on https://signup.utopian.io. @nothingismagick himself has been writing awesome articles over his Steem account and has even started contributing.

Many plans are getting form right now, which include maximal exposure for both projects, participation to the Utopian hackathon , webinars, bounties and more.

Utopian uses Quasar in Utopian v2 https://github.com/utopian-io/v2.utopian.io and we are preparing a list of issues with bounties attached to engage the community of developers, designers and content creators around Utopian and Quasar.

Thanks for reading and make sure to check out their latest post https://steemit.com/quasarframework/@quasarframework/the-quasar-census-2018

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So glad to be here - it's like we have found an uncharted and off-the-radar planet here on Steem. The good news is that we brought some toys - and we love to share!!!


The radar isn’t equipped with multi-dimensional lasers capable of picking up the behinds of coin mutts..

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That's not DOGE! Heresy!!! Fake butts!!!


It isn't very often that I am at a loss for words, and when it does happen I tend to pass the buck: which is what I will do here. My contributions to Quasar are tiny when compared to the absolutely incredible work that Razvan (our lead dev and initiator of Quasar) does every day. Furthermore, Quasar would not even exist without the thousands of contributors who help us make the code better by teaching us with their practical experience. Those people are the heroes, I am merely the messenger. But thank you for these very kind words @elear


As a developer I can imagine the amount of work it requires to make anything as good as Quasar!

This sounds awesome, glad you keep us informed.

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Thanks for stopping by!

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