The Quasar Census - 2018

Using Quasar? Tell us!!!

With over 7000 stars on Github and a growing list of projects on our awesome-repo, we know that many developers (like @utopian-io !!!) are using the Quasar Framework to make great experiences for and with their communities. We have a warm spot in our heart for everything that works to empower people and distribute knowledge, so we want to really make sure that steemians get extra-special attention from us.

The Quasar Census

Do you use the Quasar Framework for your project, are you planning to or think it could be a good idea? If you want a review from our staff, some extra publicity or some feedback - follow us and copy & paste your answers to this template into a new post and put qcensus2018 as a topic / tag.

#qcensus2018 template
name: What You Call Your Project / APP / Site / Thingy
website: https://yourwebsite.tld
git repository: (must be public if you have one)
currently live: [yes / no]
project description: Please use the "elevator pitch"
special tech: e.g. IPFS, DAT, SSR+PWA, Magic Leap etc.
comments: Anything you would like us to know about your project
          but keep it to less than 400 words please.

If you don't know what we're talking but want to help, please repost this so that we can make sure everyone has heard about the census.

And if you just love the picture and want to see who made it and how, here is a @utopian-io styled graphics breakdown.

If you need more information about Quasar itself, here are a few links to get you started:


Quasar ❤ Steem
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#qcensus2018 template

name: INTI White-Label Ticketing Platform
currently live: yes
project description: A White-label ticketing platform and CRM
special tech: SPA, Self Service Kiosk

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