Social Media Censorship And Conspiring

in censorship •  5 months ago

In this video I discuss the Alex Jones / Infowar censorship and banning from social platforms. We need a global internet bill of rights!

They claimed to be banning fake news.... how will this precedent affect future cases?

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All I can say is that there is a fine line between free speech and misinformation.....
And these social media giants doesn't want to give Infowars more piggy back rides across the water full of sleeping crocodiles for it keeps on shouting.


Yes but who and how should we allow that line to be policed?

Well the bad information, or forgive the badness of people to be putting false information or gossip, make others hurt.


That is fair and it makes sense why we would want to stop it. The problem is when we build these tools for silencing people it starts with one thing, then another and another until no one can say anything. That's why people are so intense about free speech and many people who don't agree with him at all are at his defense. It's not about the man himself, it's about the principle


Yes you're right.