Weekly Post Engagement Giveaways

in giveaway •  9 months ago

As you probably know every week now I do engagement based giveaways for people who have resteemd, upvoted and or replied to any of my posts in the past week!

So previously I've been doing post by post giveaways using https://snackaholic.github.io/steemfortune/en/

I will do one post a week announcing the winner of my weekly post summary giveaway. You can earn individual entries for any engagement with any post during that week including:

  • Resteems
  • Upvotes
  • Replies

Doing all 3 on every post gives you MANY chances to win! Three winners will be chosen each week and gifted 0.5 SBD whereas previously it was 0.01 which is a massive increase. This should make things more interesting and make it a little more manageable for me as well :)

Congratulations to @yungchief @bobreedo @eileenbeach and @bryner

I hope you like this new style of doing things. I want to reward your support and participation by personally donating more to the giveaways and making the reward 50x more valuable now :O

Let me know what you think in the comments :)

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good idea this is my first comment upvote and resteem


ey cheers :)