It is strange that Natural News censors comments... You'd think Mike Adams - creator of would not censor truth. [UPDATED 4/10/2019]

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All I can say is I really like Great plugin!!!

My comment they censored was to this article:
There’s actually an upcoming cryptocurrency that doesn’t waste the world’s electricity like Bitcoin: It’s called “Chia” and it launches this summer

UPDATE: I received the following email last night in response to my complaint ticket.
"Dear Reader,

Thanks for your e-mail. I used your e-mail address to check Disqus database and found your comment which was deleted. I'm not sure why but our admins might have considered your comment as spam because of posting links. I've approved it. Please verify.

Please note that all comments need to be approved by our moderators due to the high spam comments that we receive that might affect our website. The approval should not take more than 1 hour in business days.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Best regards,"


It's funny, years ago I imagined exactly what dissenter
has put into motion. I'm glad someone finally made it!
It's disappointing to see what Mike did there. He may of
skimmed the first two lines, and assumed scam or spam.
He's not a crypto fan, this is why he may have done that.
It doesn't excuse censorship, but if he thinks it's a scam. I'm
not sure; it's a tough call, one of those murky middle dealios.

That video is pretty funny and sad. Any crypto with nothing backing it is empty, just as illustrated. As long as crypto can be redeemed for something, it has value. Trading among enthusiasts alone is insufficient.

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I opened a complaint ticket with them to find out maybe why.

I'm surprised he censored that.

I opened a complaint ticket with them to find out maybe why.

I updated my post with their response.

Glad they reviewed it.

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Natural news is hella biased, and funded by all kinds of exterior nonsense. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on the payroll from these people which is why they censor your comment. Bullshit.

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I am glad to see you complained and that your censors relented. It's a good example for all of us to follow - like much you do.


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