Bitchute rarely censors, but like Steemit, getting started is glitchy and complicated

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In 2019, alternative media voices like myself MUST diversify our online presence. Mainstream platforms are purging, shadowbanning, and memoryholing just about anyone who questions the status quo. Free speech, activism, and skepticism of authority are being squashed.

I'm currently perma-banned on FaceBook, heavily shadowbanned on YouTube, and lightly shadowbanned on Steemit. I continue to seek out truly censorship-free platforms and decentralized networks.

I recently brushed off my 'old' BitTube account, and it seems to be working, more or less. I haven't tried posting anything there yet.

BitChute, pleeeeeeease.

But I keep hearing about BitChute, notably that dozens of banned/censored public figures have been migrating there. Sounds like my kind of place! I read their Community Guidelines and was fairly impressed. I think I like the sound of it. Anyone have thoughts or experiences about BitChute to share?

BitChute is about

Freedom of Expression
Opportunity to Succeed
'People Power’
Individual Responsibility
Decentralized Distribution
Empowering Creators

BitChute is not about

Oppression or Incitement
Platform Bias
‘Mob Rule’
Illegal Content
Exploiting Creators

I decided to sign up. Unfortunately, the account creation page said that "drutter" was already taken. I went to that user page, but it says it doesn't exist. Oh well, I put 47 on the end and decided upon "drutter47".

After confirming my email account, I tried to create a channel, but got the following error:

"Unfortunately you have reached the maximum number of channels for your membership level. This number can be increased with a higher membership level. We offer a number of premium membership levels, with a variety of associated benefits and rewards, like exclusive badges. BUY NOW!"

That was a bit of a turn-off.

But it was probably only a glitch, because after some fiddling around, I managed to get a free channel up:

After a few more glitches and problems, I got up a short test video...

But unfortunately, the video won't play for me. Will it play for you?

I tried a second time here, but that one just 'processes' forever.

Do these sites, that bill themselves as an alternative to mainstream sites, want to succeed?

I ask, because I assumed they would want to do so, but it sure doesn't seem like it!

People who design these sites should keep in mind that new/prospective users don't like to be misled, and it shouldn't be overly difficult to sign up and get started.

That's one problem the makers of Steemit have always had - they've never bothered to make it easy to get involved. It's not just not easy, it's downright complicated and problematic, not to mention there's often a long wait.

When somebody finally gets that right, the alternative media (and millions of new users) will materialize. It's a real shame that it hasn't already been happening for years. There's a HUGE need, and we have the technology, but nobody's doing a great job of implementing it. Content-creators like myself have valuable material constantly flowing out of us. All we need is somewhere to release it to the world, and they will come. Who will make it happen, and when?


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Can't even comment on BitChute unless you connect a FaceBook or Disqus account. :-/

Aww that sucks! Bitch


Yeah. :(
And there doesn't appear to be any way to delete videos.

Upvoted, and resteemed to my Steem-centric followers!

Yeah, I haven’t been impressed by BitChute. Terrible name too.

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Heh yeah, what's with the name?
Congrats on rep 44, for whatever that's worth :p

How did you figure you are lightly shadowbanned on Steemit?

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