Unrestricted Censorship

in censorship •  6 months ago

The tech world is coming to a critical point in its evolution. A majority of the top digital destinations are imposing vast amounts of censorship to the content flowing through them. Much of it is invisible, but it is getting quite obvious to the average user that it is there. I am unsure how to stress how dangerous this is to our society. These tech titans can use this power to shape public opinion, stifle or stop dissent, and/or eliminate any information they decide they want to. This goes way beyond simply stopping hate speech or inciting violence. The fact that people are cheering on that there was a widespread and concentrated effort to silence Alex Jones shows that people are conditioned to accept censorship, if it follows their line of thinking. What happens when a specific religion is silenced or information about a political event or information about a quickly growing leader who makes too much sense or information about replacing gasoline as a fuel (this one has been silenced for years). People need to fight for their freedom and their ability to share ideas. If not we will eventually live in tiny, controlled bubbles and have no idea what exists out there in the real world.

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