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Original contest post.

First, I just wanted to thank @sndbox and @celfmagazine for putting up the contest.

I made an entry, even though I am not really much of a writer. The last time I ever actually tried writing something for a purpose was in highschool (probably 20 years ago).

Something about the call for writers to come up with a story of determination, nature, or a fairy tale... the combination hit me in a way that I just had to at least throw my hat in the ring. I have alot of stories to draw from, even if most of them are cautionary tales, and most of the time they get told over some drinks.

I was originally thinking that I could tie all the themes into one; but it became too much of a stretch. The motivation was remembering one of the more difficult parts of my life. When I first moved out from home, I did have a series of unfortunate roommates. Since there was no intention to get into the gritty details, and I didn't want (on the slim chance that one of them would come across it) people involved to feel targeted or identified, I merged some of the people and stories into a singular narrative.

The part that is completely true; shortly after I finished high school, I caught something that put me in a coma for 3 days (+ a week of recovery). While I was in the coma, the only memory I had was an interaction with what I could only describe as a guardian angel. I remember being told not to be afraid, that the important part was to do what you can and everything works out the way it should.

Anyway, thanks again. It must have been appreciated enough to get an honorable mention. (Having read some of the other contest entries, the bar was pretty high) It's always an enjoyment to share stories.

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Congratulations and thanks participating.

Congratulations @bmanmcfly! Thank you so much for participating and supporting @celfmagazine :D

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