DailyCelestialChallenge Tuesday: Animal Kingdom

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Introduction: Hello Steemitian, My name is Usman and this is my first post on @celestialchallenge and special thanks to @sirknight for starting this contest . I am new and have skills to show you more things but I want to tell about the Japanese Animals.

Sika Deer:


In Japan, much of the East Asia was found, deer's name is from Japanese word "Shika" to Haka, and in Japan it is known as "Nihonjika" or Japanese meaning. In China, this skill was eaten for velvet poultry, which was used in traditional Chinese medicine, but it was not practically imported to Japan. One of the reasons why I love these animals is that they are one of the few species of diamonds that keep their places in sustainability, although there are no places. Like snow monkeys, especially in anger, it looks beautiful around the human being.


They have imported prize games as animals in other countries due to their clever and sticky. In Japan, the population is somewhat beyond control, because almost 100 years ago, only its governors, the wolves were abolished in Japan. In Nara Prefecture, diamonds are very common and occasionally rotate atomic in humans populated by human beings. In Shinto, they are sacred, are seen Shinto gods, and are often called the National Treasure of Japan.

Thank you for reading my post.

Daily Task of Celestial Challenge:

NOTE: @Sirknight started a contest and daily themes are:

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