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One of the things that is going to move Steem up the social media spectrum is when celebrities start joining. There are a few initiatives out there that are seeking to do this.

@theycallmedan is running a campaign to get Andrew Yang on Steem (or at least members of his team). Yang has the technological background to understand what is taking place with blockchain and cryptocurrency. This could be something that he helps to promote by being a part of it.

That is not the only initiative. @steemleo is running a very novel approach to try to attract business and finance writers who has large followings. They established a "Syndication" account which cross posts the articles written by these individuals. The money paid out in author rewards is held by the accounts until the authors decide to claim them.

At the moment, this has not netted any success yet it is worth paying attention to. According to the latest report, the top author has $84 in money in "escrow" based upon the prices when the article was written.

While this is not likely of great interest, it is a big leap forward from last month's numbers. We also know that cryptocurrency pricing is down overall. Here is where a bull market could be a huge factor. What if this account keeps growing at the present rate and have a few hundred dollars in it? Couple that with a bull run where there is a 10X, which is not unrealistic when you are talking two token conversion (STEEM and LEO) in USD, we could see the appeal really grow.

Under this scenario, the author's account could be worth $3,000. In the grand scheme of things, it might not be a ton of money to these individuals. However, it is a large enough amount that one is not going to turn away from it. On top of this, it also provides validation to the system we are constructing here.

Once we see a few celebrities on here, things could really pick up. Imagine the "Follow me on Steem" moniker being promoted. It is important to remember that the need to build a following on different media platforms is eliminated on Steem. On here, all applications share the same log in meaning that the followers are exposed to all content.

Once we throw in communities, we see an entirely new model for celebrities to use for social media interaction. The key here is that it will be a lot less work on their part.

It only takes a few to open up the gates and start things flowing. Could this be another way Steem finds grow over the next couple years?

The possibility is there.


The first one will be the hardest .... once they come it will be like a normal thing for the others.

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