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It all sounds good and I am looking forward to build a good community. Steemit can use one. Most communities are no longer active.

I could finally watch the YouTube video. In short it's about surrounding you with people who give positive energy. 👍💖


It is a good idea to build community and I think it can have good results. Let's hope that little by little more and more people will join and participate.

I am going to invite 60 people that I have in a WhatsApp group and I am going to notify them to see if they want to participate, surely several will.

The idea is not new but most came for the quick earn and did not care about reading and commenting or giving an upvote. If a large group only drains the few who host a contest and have no intention to support each other or build relationships there is no community for real.
CCC... you know what it stands for. Elsewhere they would call it an upvote circle.
I am glad you join us and hope more will. Building contacts is more important than ever. Not only here on Steemit. We can meet and reach a hand elsewhere too.


If what you comment makes a lot of sense, you should create community and maintain relationships in the different platforms because that is how you can move forward in life and in all these areas of writing.

If you find/meet the right people. Not if one horse pulls the car alone.

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