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Hi guys, I want to thank @ackza for creating a contest in which I was able to participate since although it is not professional I like everything that has to do with graphic design and speaking with him I let myself be part of this project

Here I will be leaving some parts of all the work done, since as I did not understand it very well, I was sent to do over and over and another modification xD

First steps: this was the gif in question that had to be modified

so I started doing different coin packs

and I chose the one that looked less ugly according to me, remaining as main image something like this:

after a little work and a little animation would be this:

From here, once the work has been demonstrated, a thousand more modifications arise, I cannot show you the whole process because the information has been lost since my computer broke down :(

In the end with its integrated name, the logo at the top and a little magic, all the work would look like this:

contest link:

I know it is missing and that is pending for as soon as I can fix my pc, at the moment I hope you like it


nice man, $2.68 i told ya it would make ya extra money

highly grateful, i'm indebted to you !.

Maybe you can compete with overkillcoin to make me a video for steem in style of coinbase earn like my recent proposal says

here are the EOSIO lessons... coinbase earn pays you a lil crypto to wacth a 2 to 5 part series a few mins each. u can start with just ONE that goes over everything in low detail all at once, and then a few more videos to go over each thing in detail,m we can break it all up into same tenmplate teh eos video uses

we can just break ups teem into like WALLET, SOCIALMEDIA, CURATION/DELEGATION/SP RC MANA and Upvotes/post creation then another video for the many steem dapps and steemconnect etc, and another video for Steem-ENgine and future SMTs

Ackza 's proposal may or may not succeed but we need people to make short videos in this style, for steem, even if just a 10 second or 15 second video going over the basics of what steem is. We have to Learn from existing videos posted in those proposal links that are too boring and we must make it more like teh style vids.

you have awarded an author with VIZ tokens
more detailes here

this is awesome upvoted resteemed and i will show it to @thejohalfiles @blocktrades @artzone and ill have to think @crimsonclad may know how i can promote it on CCC

This is incredible and i hope you can maybe work with @ackza on the steem proposal for creating coinbase earn style videos

Ineed to give you more steem for this

heres 10 steem!

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