What does TODAY (April 7, 2021) Mean to me?" #ccc 3.42

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It was more than a year ago that it all stopped. The thought of the unknown, the fear of the unknown and it was more than a year ago, that I stopped swimming. Today, I worked my laps for the third time and boy, was I a happy camper.

I started the day a little earlier, just to catch the morning sun before ten. I can’t swim too early because the sun was not out yet. I pushed my breakfast to a little later, with the pool being my first priority. I was hoping for sunny skies and it was a little shy. It was okay, I had a feeling, the sun would come.


The moment I dipped myself into the water, it felt so refreshing. Then, I started working my strokes. I usually swim freestyle as it allows me to glide faster. The first ten strokes were energizing and after that, I started to slow down to pace myself. I continued my swim for about forty minutes, sometimes interchanging it with breastroke. Then, I ended it with the butterfly stroke as my final push.

After the swim, I showered and prepared my breakfast of oats and fruits with a cup of coffee.


It was enjoyable having breakfast while watching my favourite programme on my mobile. I felt pumped up after and started working my chores of mopping and doing the laundry for the day.

I enjoyed my productive day and I appreciate that I was able to go for my swim again. One can never tell what would happen tomorrow, so, we make the best out of today.


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Hello @marblely, nice pictures. I liked them. You are right, you never know what will happen tomorrow. We need to move forward and enjoy every moment. I have a lot of time I don't swim. Perhaps I've forgotten how to swim already. Greetings for you

#onepercent #venezuela #affable

Thank you :) Yes, we must enjoy every moment, be thankful everyday. Greetings for you too!

I agree, life is too short.

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