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Before ⏪ the sun ☀️ rise ⤴️ this morning 🌅, I got up ⤴️ from bed 🛏️, brushed my teeth 🦷 and freshened up. Then, I headed 🚶🏻‍♀️ to the kitchen, to start preparing a breakfast of fruits 🍉🍐🍎🍈🍌 and oats 🥣. I started off with a good squeeze 🧴 of a lemon's 🍋 juice into a glass 🥛, filled the glass with water 🥛 and drank it first before I did anything else.

Once I am done with the lemon 🍋 juice 🥛, I took out the instant oats from the freezer ❄️🥶, poured them into bowls 🥣 and filled the bowls 🥣 with water 🚰 from the filter before stirring 🥄 the oats 🥣 well with the water 🚰. The instant oats would slowly blend with the water 🚰 and starts to form a creamy porridge-like 🥣 texture. I leave them aside to let the oats absorb the water 🚰 and let them expand.

While the oats 🥣 and water 🚰 do their thing, I filled the kettle with water 🚰 and put it onto the stove, turned on the fire for the water to boil. Then, I took out my apple 🍎 and watermelon 🍉 from the fridge, and cut 🔪 a few slices from each fruit 🍎 🍉. I de-skinned them and cut 🔪 them into cubes before putting them into another bowl.

When the fruits 🍉🍎 are cut 🔪, I moved back to the oats 🥣 and stirred 🥄 them well while waiting for the kettle to whistle ♨️. The moment the kettle whistles ♨️, I turned off the fire 🔥🚫✖️ and poured a bit of the boiling water into each bowl of oats 🥣 and continued to stir 🥄 them. Then, I took out 2 sachets of instant coffee and cut ✂️ open each sachet and poured into cups ☕☕. I added hot water and mixed them well.

Finally, I added ➕ a bit more hot ♨️ water 🚰into the bowls of oats 🥣, stirred 🥄them and put in 2 spoons or squirts 🧴 of honey 🍯🐝 into each bowl. When all is done, I placed the bowls of oats 🥣, fruits 🍉🍎 and cups of coffee ☕☕ onto the dining table. I added some seeds 🌱, nuts 🥜🌰 and raisins 🍇 into the oats and started feasting. That my friends, is my breakfast ☕🥣🍎🍉 for today 📅.


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You have a healthy breakfast, you eat this everyday?

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Thank you @oliviackl! Almost everyday. Last month, this was the breakfast everyday. Quite amazing it can last through the day :)

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I started off with a good squeeze 🧴 of a lemon's 🍋 juice into a glass 🥛, filled the glass with water 🥛 and drank it first before I did anything else.

That is a great way to start a day - drinking water.

I am now cooking "quick oats" - finer pieces of oats but not processed "instant oats" in packages but bought in bulk - enough for three days or so and heat them up for breakfast and put frozen strawberries and grapes to cool in down from boiling hot.

But, yours is a great breakfast❗