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RE: What Do You Do With Butterflies? by @gertu

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Waaaah! What a beautiful butterfly anime! How did you do that?!? Sorry, I was distracted. I was supposed to read your blog right away but then this beautiful butterfly came before my eyes. Hehehe! 😂

You are very fortunate to capture in photo three butterflies at a time. Wow! And I love the red one. I think I haven't seen that kind of butterfly before.

Thank you for sharing your experience @diosarich. Have a beautiful day.


Oh that! I got it from FB. someone share that anime to me. I forgot what year it was. I just saved it in my photo gallery 😂. By the way, the RED Butterfly is called ROSE BUTTERFLY. Well, I think those THREE have the same specie.

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Wow!!! Rose Butterfly. Beautiful name. It really makes me think of the red roses!!! 🥀 Thanks for sharing this fun fact @diosarich. Have a pleasant evening.

You are most welcome, @gingbabida. I always read the facts about things, persons and places that I am interested in.

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