Will CBD and Hemp Cooperatives Using DAC Technology Change the World?

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Could CBD be the future of healthy living? Will the legalization of Hemp in the US in December of 2018 change global industry and heal the planet?

These are some of the things I've been pondering lately.

I just got my package from https://beehivebuds.co/ and they ended up sending me more than I ordered! :)

I was one of the first people to buy the POLLEN token on BitShares. Now their HONEY and POLLEN tokens are on EOS. I paid for this order using POLLEN with the Lynx wallet. Travis and his team are doing some really cool stuff, including exploring the @eosdac technology to build their community as a DAC.

Also, last night at CryptoMondays San Juan (which I've been throughly enjoying!) had a special panel talking about blockchains and agriculture. It's so exciting to see these technologies used in ways that impact the real, physical world!

I met Stephen at CoinAgenda and spoke with him and some of his partners about using DAC technology for their project also.

We toured Gino and Jolene's homestead a week ago, and it was amazing. They are off grid and growing their own food plus more to sell to their local farmer's market. I even bought fresh kale with bitcoin. I hope to introduce DAC technology into their educational programs as well so local growers can work together to build value.

I've been working lately on building a script to automate the DAC tutorial I created recently, and it's coming along nicely. I imagine governments, non-profits, start-ups, communities, and more will adopt this technology to create more transparent mechanisms for governance and value creation. This software via the blockchain will change the world.

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All these developments are really cool! My wife is mentoring a local 29-year old genius whose understanding of chemistry and cannabis makes your head spin... in fact, she's helping him open the first "infusion café" in our area... while I am editing his (and his two business partners') book on the first 10 years of the industry.

Anyway, if our friend has his way CBD and hemp will become central to healthy living and within 20 years substantially change how we look at health — both public and private — in both the US and beyond.

Sounds like you guys have settled in pretty well in PR!

Looking forward about bitcoin.

It's great to see you taking notice of the wonders that are CBD.
Hemp legalization is huge, whether or not everyone realizes it quite yet.

Gino is awesome! I've noticed the work he is doing with Degree 18 Juice Bar in Palmer. I loved that little place right on the outskirts of El Yunque.


We ate there after visiting his farm. It was fantastic!


Awesome! Hopefully somebody got some pitaya/dragonfruit. My favorite.

Wow, this is really amazing. The experiments going on in governance are certainly going to be a game changer. Watching them closely as I have ideas of implementing them in martial arts training as well. This is also a place where the wrong people at the top of a heirarchy can destroy much.

Very exciting!

Thanks Luke you are amzing. I appreciate you and your journey.

@lukestokes, No one can ignore one aspect and that is in current scenario the Health Care Industries and Health Care products became vital and daily aspect. We don't know it's good or bad but it's the reality of this era. Good to see that now Medical Products are integrating with the Blockchain Technology. Stay blessed.

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