Caturday Perch

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Just a Caturday pic of Jax perched on one of his favorite spots. It's amazing how he gets up and down from there from the little thin rail in the kitchen.



OMG That fish tank must be so temping ... Black cats can look scary...😼🙀

Yes, the cat's frequently sit on the back of the couch watching them.

Definitely an acrobat/cat!

He is the brave one, the other two are too fat and clumsy!

I had one that used to climb up and sit atop doors. I could never understand how that 2 inch wide surface could possibly be comfortable!

Right? This one loves to climb the back of chairs, beds, everything. The others get on the headboard now and again, but that's about it.

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Must be an adventure to wake up in the middle of a dark night seeing those eyes "flowting" through the air ^^

Heh, yes the are even brighter yellow than they look here. I still have occasional flashbacks from the first time he jumped from the headboard onto my chest in the middle of the night and was there looking me in the face! lol I know it took a year of my life away!

Hahaha, hard to guess if they do it on purpose ^^ I can image the first shock in the moment ;)


I love Jax!!!!
Is he part Maine Coon?

He's my favorite as well. Yes, he is Maine Coon, but not near as big as we thought he would get. Maybe he will have a late spurt.

It can take four years for some MCs to reach full size. I love Jax!!!
Our Maine Coon also loved high places and I was in awe of his ability to get himself there - without toppling or breaking anything along the way.


Ha! Jax hasn't found the top of the cabinets yet, but I'm sure he will. Nice to know about the growth, We'll keep our fingers crossed, we were hoping for a giant!

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