It's Caturday! 😻😻😻

in #caturday4 years ago

Sir Obie is having a CATITUDE moment here. On his favorite day of the week Caturday, insists I keep feeding him. I usually give in, today, no way Sir eats Alot! This is the look that follows with a quiet whisper meow's like over and over, barely hear it, like he's talking up a storm to get me to feed him.
20200227_111639 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 SirObie1Kanobie

He seemed to move onto the bliss of the sun rays shining through the kitchen window one of his favorite places and took a long kitty nap.20200227_103758 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 SirObie1Kanobie

Now here is Obie's bliss face, sunshine love. Yep I gave in and gave him some more kitty treats. We know who's boss around here.

20200227_103745 2.jpg
@kimmysomelove42 SirObie1Kanobie

Happy Caturday Felines!

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