📷 #TakeMoreWalks 🚶 Cuddling a Stranger for the GooglyPrize 😺 #Caturday

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Take More Walks

there's free cuddles to be found.

look into these beautiful eyes - [full view]

There's two things that I really really like: #GooglyEyes and CuddleKittens.

Usually that's two rather separate things, but on this occasion, I've been able to bring them together. You might already recognize the kitty from the recent issue of my "GooglyPrize Winners" announcement, where she graced the title and bonus images with some additional cuteness.

It's caturday today, so I figured I should give you a little behind the scenes of how I met this special guest for the #GooglyPrize show on my walk to find a decent scene for the weekly trophy-shot last week, it's too adorable to keep these pictures all to myself anyways.


She was minding her own business, hanging out on this wall of an old industrial complex.


She gave me the typical feline disinterest treatment at first...


...but all caution aside, cat's are curious creatures.


Curious and sceptical about strangers putting up little figurines next to them...


...but that's nothing a few passionate cuddles can't fix.


Yeap, some calming cuddles means it's time to relax now...


... and I could make my trophy-shot with her added cuteness




I guess I was taking too long with my photo-shoot and she started to get a bit bored


She gave me that puzzled look, maybe demanding more cuddles?!


But suddenly, she must have noticed something else, probably food related.


And just a second later she jumped off that wall, rushed past me with a few graceful strides and disappeared in the hedges across the road. Leaving me with a happy smile and one of my cutest #GooglyPrize trophy shots so far.

Thanks Kitty!


I am a huge proponent of walking. Walking as a means of transportation, as a facilitator for contemplation or just a remedy for the back-pain from the hours spent in front of a screen. Taking a walk will always reward you in some way. Take a walk with curious eyes and you might even discover nice little surprises, things of beauty or character, that just linger there, waiting for you.

Take more walks - it makes you feel better!


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fraenk loves you!


Happy Caturday! Have an upvote and a new follower 😻

oh... that's exciting! Thank You 😻

P.S.: the excitement just dropped below zero when you came back and 100% self-voted your own comment to the top of this thread... sheesh... what's the logic behind that? Was my upvote for your comment not enough?

Was a busy weekend, dislike being at 100% with SP going to waste. If you spent money purchasing Steem to watch the price dip below $1.50, you'd understand some self voting. It was strictly random.

Yeah, no hard feelings... we all have to look out for ourselves, at least you are being open about it. It's just really kind of a pet-peeve of mine, those self-voted comments.

Nice photo's, and that 'bored' shot really nailed it! :D

And then he/she's off, either food related like you mention, or -more likely- to fight some aliens or interdimensional enemies which we can't see! Cool stuff!

Yeah... delicious alien snacks... probably hitchhiking in inter-dimensional tin cans.

Rumour has it they come from the pet-food-isle nebula in the groceries-store galaxy. While we can't be certain about that, one thing is for sure... the enemy must be slain!

The purrrrrrfect shot



Wonderful pictures. Cats are fascinating creatures.

Truly fascinating indeed. Thanks for stopping by :D

Lovely kitty. Thanks for sharing!

She was a lovely encounter indeed... I hope I'll meet her again on my evening walks.

Thanks for coming by :D

Most of my googlyeyes originate for walks ;-). I'm just going to go and meet some interesting things.

Yeap... that's what it's all about... going out and letting the inspiration find you!

What a lovely cat!

she really was :D

what a pretty

Yeah... adorable... and she was generous to the camera, too :D

Yeah... but she really enjoys cuddles more than compliments :P



Yeap... That's exactly my sentiment... #takemorewalks

A bit of generosity also goes a long way. Thanks for commenting.

wuao what a captivating look, these images fell in love with me
beautiful and tender kitten <3

and my content enjoyed you very much, too ;)

as tenders as a veal steak...

There must have been some google translate involved here

wonderful pictures the kitten its posing so that the images will be perfect, good job @fraenk

dang right she was quite the poser actually... she seemed to rather enjoy having her pictures taken :D