Caturday SBI Giveaway #10 / キャタデー SBI ギブアウェイ #10

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This giveaway is closed.
Please come back on next Friday.


Caturday SBI Giveaway #10

Join me every Friday for a cat theme Caturday quiz and complete an easy task to win @steembasicincome share!

キャタデー SBI ギブアウェイ#10

毎週金曜日(日本は土曜日)@steembasicincome のギブアウェイを開催しています。
猫をテーマの簡単なクイズ & タスクに答えて @steembasicincome シェアを当てよう!


⭐️ The quiz for this week : What is the name of Kiki’s cat from the Japanese animated movie “Kiki’s Delivery Service”?

⭐️ The task for this week : Tell me one international cat sound other than English (meow) and Japanese (nya, nyan...I’m Japanese hehe).


● Please leave your answers in the comments section.

● You must follow the rules, ⭐️ complete the task and ⭐️ answer the quiz correctly to be qualified.

● 3 giveaways go out this week

● Giveaway starts on Friday and will be closed sometime on Sunday. I will edit the post with “This giveaway is closed” when ended.

● Upvote and resteem is not necessary but would be appreciated.

● The winners will be drawn and the announcement will take place the following week.

● When you are asked to share photos, it must be your own.

That’s all!
Hope to see your entry!

⭐️ 今週のクイズ : 映画 魔女の宅急便、キキの猫の名前はなんでしょう?

⭐️ 今週のタスク : 日本語で猫はにゃー、英語ではmeow(ミャオウ)… 擬声語は国によって違うので面白いのですが、他の国では猫は何と鳴くんでしょうね。1つ教えてください。


● 答えはコメント蘭にお願いします。

● エントリーの条件はルールを守ること、⭐️ タスクをこなし、そして⭐️ クイズに正解していることとします。

● 今週のギブアウェイは3つ

● 期限は金曜日から日曜日(日本では土曜日から月曜日かな)終了した投稿には編集で “このギブアウェイは終了しました” と追記します。

● Upvote、Resteemは出来たらお願いします。しなくてもOKです。

● 当選者は抽選です。発表は後日行います。

● 写真をシェアするお題の時は、自分の写真でお願いします。



Thanks for visiting!



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  ·  last month (edited)

続いてますね!応援 resteemさせていただきました〜

少々疲れ気味ですが ^^; 頑張ります。

Here my answer:-

Cat's name : Jiji

International cat sound : Italian (miao)

Thank you

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Italian cats say cute!
Thanks for the entry!

  1. It's JIJI... <3 So cute ^_^
  2. Ngiyaw... ngiyaw... (Philippines)

Is “ g “ silent?
I wonder how you pronounce ngiyaw...
Is it sounds similar to ニャオ?
Thanks for the entry!

It isn't silent, sis... in the Filipino alphabet, ng is a single character... it sounds like the "ng" in sing.. :) we use the English alphabet plus "ng" and "ñ" in our language... :)

The cat's name is: Jiji
Here in Brazil is "miau"
Happy Caturday

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That is so interesting to know how cats meow in different countries!
Thanks for the entry!

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Hi @djynn!

The name of the cat is Jiji.
Miau is meow in German.

  ·  last month (edited)

My boss is German moved to Canada when he was young.
He didn’t know that cats say miau in Germany.
I’m going to brag about it hehe ;)
Thanks for the entry!

HaHa! Love that! Rub it in @djynn!
Germany came to my mind quickly because my mom's grandparents came to USA from Germany. Small world. : )

Hi @djynn
Kiki’s cat it’s named “Jiji”
In Spanish cats say “miau”
My best wishes for the week to come 😉

International cat sound is pretty interesting.
Thanks for the entry!

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