Caturday - Late Caturday Night, Johnny Danger has a Short Vid

in caturday •  8 months ago

Audio courtesy of youtube free (Square Lovers, either song name or artist, I couldn't tell). I want to do more video. Been taking a good amount, need an editing program. I have an old windows movie maker I like for photo slide shows, it's glitch is a weird file name. Utube removed their slide show i.e. for photos around early fall. Big bummer. Because it's theirtube now. Uturd.
Anyway Happy Caturday, Caturday-ing Steemians!

Thank you, and Steem on,
Photos by Cubbyworks, CanonPowershot SX520HS

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(Jk, Paint is fine, he made this.)

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It has been scientifically proven that stroking a cat can lower one's blood pressure.


I know but did you watch my video? Nooo... but thank you.


Cats' eyes shine in the dark because of the tapetum, a reflective layer in the eye, which acts like a mirror.


At 4 weeks, it is important to play with kittens so that they do not develope a fear of people.

He doesn't look entirely happy about it... but it's a great theme song!

Happy Caturday!



haha thanks the song cracked me up, for his mad-ness. He loves and hates it. but too much traffic here for them to be outside :(.

Get that cat a shovel!


ikr!! haha

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