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RE: Max The Cat - A Must See!

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Did you solve his litterbox issue?
He was an outdoor cat for nearly SEVENTEEN years...?
Have you tried unscented or all-natural litter, like the pine?
Did he go in straw or in a barn, or outdoors wherever he could find a spot....


No, unfortunately....
So far I've only tried crystals and the recycled paper pellets (which we're using now). With the pellets we occasionally see a foot print but nothing else so I'm thinking that he's wanting to use the tray but doesn't like the feel of the pellets...he was always quite discreet about where he went outside but lately I've spotted him in the garden beds on soft soil so I want to try sprinkling a layer of soil over the pellets but it's there's been so much rain here it's hard to catch a patch of dry soil.

In addition to pine, there's bamboo, cedar, flushable, and home-made (??) - some barn cats get used to straw and the smell of other animals. If Max smelled "another cat!" in his litterbox, he might rush to cover it up with his own scent. Good luck finding some dirt. Maybe dirt from the ol'home place is what he wants?

There are many valid reasons to avoid the use of commercial cat litters. Expense, Health concerns (Clay based litters are thought to have a carcinogen in them, and they can create allergy and asthma problems).
Environmental and safety concerns - Clay for the kitty litter is strip-mined while flushable litter may contaminate the water.
How many #homesteaders and #thealliance members make their own? eg. a combination of chicken feed, baking soda, and cedar shavings.... or sand, or newspaper clippings:

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