I love that you love him!!! You're most welcome, it's so nice to get wonderful comments and feed back , really helps to decide what to post next. Max hasn't done a whole lot since my last post, might have to drag out some older pics and do a bit of a historical piece 😊

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Have you met @grapthar's Blaze, Tiger, and Cleo, abd @manorvillemike's Scary Mary, Larry & how many others (eleven?) via #dailypetphotography or #catsnaps?
They post photos daily. I never tire of them.

thanks for the shout out! following max now too.

LOL - Max has to do nothing more than open his eyes, stretch, and get up from a nap, and I'll be intrigued. There's this Maine Coon named Jester, and I have -- ohhh, I blush to confess!! - watched this video of him more times than I can even count. The cover of a Nick Drake song in the background may help, but ... well, see for yourself:

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