The Mating Process I

in cats •  22 days ago


Cat breeding is a slow and meticulous journey that a breeder will embarks on with the hopes of realising a new litter. There are many considerations that go into this series of breeding endeavours including in depth understanding of genetic compatibility, sourcing appropriate mates and of course the wholesome planning and preparation. After procuring a queen and watching her grow, pairing her up with an appropriate stud will be finalised. This paves the way to the next step in the breeding process, mating. As outline in previous posts, a new queen should be given time to mature and when she begins to call this cycle should be left to run its course a few times before mating can take place. After this grace period, when the queen begins to make her calls again, it will now be time to make contact with the arranged stud.

Cat mating can be a hazardous event for both parties and an experienced stud with a proven track record is required. The healthy state of both mates are of priority and screening/testing will ensure that they are kept safe. After the initial calls of the queen, the stud will be introduced after a couple of days.


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