The American Curl II

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The continuous presence of this type of cat would go on for many years and it would soon receive recognition from various associations on a global scale. Beyond this, the American Curl is recognised in both longhair and shorthair categories depending on the genes present.

There are many variations of this cat but the general frame of this cat is seen as muscular and sturdy. The larger body of the American Curl requires an appropriate diet so supplement its body size. However, appropriate exercise levels should be maintained to avoid overweight issues. Negligence towards nutrition and exercise can lead to heart conditions and other issues over a period of time. In addition to nutrition, grooming is something to consider when selecting this type of cat. While its body possesses a medium to short length coat, considerable grooming is needed to keep it in pristine condition.

The American Curl comes in many different colours and this is a result of the many crosses it has had over the years. Pure colours and various patterns have been observed and recognised over time. The eye colour is often in complement of the overall coat complexion. As a sturdy and energetic cat, the American Curl is a great companion in the household and will approach people with great curiosity. It is important to note that the folding of the ears is due to a cartilage deficiency in its body and should be handled with care so as to not cause any damage.


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