Breeding Stud Choices I

in cats •  24 days ago


Breeding cats is a heavily involved process and much planning, preparation and attention is invested throughout. After securing a queen and seeing her grow to maturity, arrangements to fulfil the other end of the equation should be sought after. After all, breeding involves two cats who will be parents to a new litter and procuring a queen is only half of the equation. Though, more importance is placed on the female mother as she will give birth and her genes passed on. Sourcing an appropriate stud is a little less intensive but is still important. The general process of choosing a male for a queen to breed with can be a little tricky depending on environment. This is where being part of a club or local network of breeders pays off in dividends as it expands the list of potential mates. Many clubs will compile a list of reputable studs which a registered track record.

The most accomplished breeders will be able to advise around genetic complications that can exists between breeds and its worth researching to be aware. Breeding success relies heavily on knowledge and preparation and networking with experienced peers will be valuable in any circumstance.


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