Breeding Maturity II

in cats •  25 days ago


Though the actual days that a cat is ready for breeding can vary between cycles.Despite a cat being mature and ready for breeding, it is a responsible decision to allow her to mature and go through numerous cycles before introduction of a stud. This will help with the breeding process considerably when it is time to give birth. Despite biological maturity, not all cats reach a state of maternal instinct and this can lead to a number of complications during the birth process. Giving enough time for a queen to go through various cycles will contribute greatly to the birth success of the future litter.

Aside from giving birth, maternal maturity is not instantly achieved and some cats may experience difficulty in performing the general nursing process. Post birth support is an essential consideration for breeders and it is well worth to prepare a number of precautionary measures and be actively on call for the queen and her kittens. Allowing a cat to mature a short while after initial maturity discovery may help this process and will bring about many health benefits with it.


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