Teddy in a hoodie

in cats •  8 months ago


Teddy, ready for anything lol.

I tried this doggie sweater on him today. Its a bit too small for him. He gets out of it quite quickly. Winter is starting here in the Town of Capes, and he's starting to get cold at night. Being covered in fur helps, but with his wonky legs I'm sure a little heat could help.

Maybe its just a case of " Go put on a jersey. Your mom is cold"

He's hurt his left leg and has been dragging it again since yesterday. Keeping up his meds again as well. We're still waiting for the vet to get a hold of the Acupuncture Implant beads for his Permanent Acupuncture procedure.

In the mean time, Teddy has found an apple box and all is well in the world.


Boxes are the best !

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Good to hear from you again!
Cute pictures, as always.
Thanks for the resteem as well, glad you enjoyed the story.


Hey! Thanks :)
I did enjoy the story. Will you be doing more chapters? it was a nice easy read and I'm keen to hear what happens to Mr mouse :)


BTW, as you've not been around much recently, you might like some of the other fiction I've been sharing recently - it's worth backing up to the first part of Rebound of Power, if you have the time. I will be getting back to that one in a few days after I've finished Friendship on Fire.


No, I'm afraid that one isn't planned... It was a response to this post:
https://steemit.com/contest/@whatsup/the-other-side-of-the-story-writing-contest-usd10-sbd - the further story there was hilarious.

Good to see you back around here, hope the comicon was good for ya'll.


Thanks Sult:) Yes, it helped pay off some debt and will be helping with our costs of getting the cats over to Mauritius with us. We're moving in 6 weeks! Eeep! Due to their paperwork delays the cats might only be able to fly in September and will be staying in a cattery from June.
I've been powering down to also help with those costs. Hoping the cryptos have climbed nicely by the time I need it.


I am going to have to look up where you are headed, that name is not ringing any bells in my head. But it is a shame that the cats won't be traveling with you when you leave.
It is crazy how people can move in and out of countries all the time without any questions of healthiness and a pet can tied up for months in paper work and examinations.
At least I know what is up when you are missing for periods of time in the next couple months. I automatically think it is health related if not.


It is very silly. 2 blood tests 90 days apart, then another 30 days before they can fly, then another 30 days in Quarantine on that side.
Mauritius is an island to the right of Madagascar. They're the home of the extinct Dodo bird and also known for the underwater 'waterfall' of sand off the coast.
It is going to be interesting to see what the move does with my health. We're trying to stagger the stressful parts a bit with some holiday time with family before we go.


Well thanks for the geography lesson and the lay of land so to speak sounds like an interesting choice of locals to choose as home. The blood tests and quarantine requirements are a little excessive in my opinion. I ;ll keep you both in my prayers as you tackle this move.

Boxes, paper bags, crumpled up paper all cheap thrills from these guys. :-)


Yes! At least they're not expensive to buy gifts for, hehe

Too cute

I love cute cats.This cat looking very cute.

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